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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 28


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Number of brothers-

Y-1- The number of brothers a native will have is determined by the navamsa attained by

(a) the 3rd Bhava midpoint or

(b) the lord of 3rd house or

(c) navamsa attained by Mars.

Preferably the strongest of the (a) (b) or (c).

Y-2- If the third house is occupied by Mercury and the Lord of the third house is together with the Moon, the significator of this House Mars is with Saturn, then the native will first have a sister elder to him, and after him a brother and the third will be a brother who will die.

Number of brothers and their longevity

Y-1- Mars conjunct with Rahu whilst lord of 3rd is debilitated indicates that three brothers/sisters to be born after the native will die.

Y-2- A native having lord of 3rd in quadrants and trine thereto is occupied by Mars in association with exalted Jupiter will have 12 brothers. Out Of these:

Y-3- Three will die before birth/abortions.

Y-4- Five (1st, 2nd, 7th, 9th and 12th) will die after birth.

Y-5- Four brothers will enjoy fairly long life. The 6th brother will be one of the twins.

Seven brothers

Y-1- If the Lord of the 12th House, is in conjunction with Mars and Jupiter and the Moon is situated in the Third House, then the number of the native’s brothers and sisters will be seven.

Y-2- If Venus is also involved in this Yoga, two of the seven brothers will be lost.

Y-3- Should there be the Moon in the Third House, and she be aspected by only male planets, the native will have brother and

Y-4- Should Moon be together with Venus or be aspected by Venus, the native will have only sister.

Number of brothers-

(a) The number of dawdasamsa (a classification of Vargas whereby a sign is divided into 12 parts (each 2 ½ deg) covered by the strongest planet amongst (i) lord of 3rd (ii) Mars (iii) planet posited in 3rd; will indicate the total number of brothers/sisters of a native.

(b) Divide the particular dawdasamsa occupied by the planet named above into as many sub-divisions as the number of brothers indicated and determine, how many such sub-divisions the planet has already been covered and how many are yet to cover/traverse. The sub-divisions already covered by the planet denote elder brother/sister and those yet to be traversed, denote younger brother/sister.

We quote below the relevant sloka; so that in the event, a different interpretation is justifiable, those more knowledgeable in the field of astrology will be able to guide the public and researchers: Brathru Nadha Tad Yukta Kaarakaanaam Balituyaha Tad Buhta Dwadasamsena Brathru Sankhya Vinirdiseth Jyeshta Buktamsaka Gneva Bogyamsasthu Kanishtakaha.

The longevity and prosperity of brothers will be dependent on the nature of the dawdasamsa covered; sex (whether a brother/sister) is also determined from the same dawdasamsa.

Adverse Planets- It will destroy the earlier born or elder brother or relationship with them.

Y-1- When the Sun is placed in the House of brothers and sisters.

Y-2- Saturn, is placed in the House of brothers and sisters, the after born or the younger brother and.

Y-3- Mars is placed in the House of brothers and sisters both the elder and the after born i.e. the elder and the younger brothers.


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