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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 59


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets when afflicted

When the planets in the 6th house are afflicted the native may suffer from many ailments. Nature of diseases are suggested here below:

(i) If 6th lace falls in a fixed sign (Rasi) with afflicted Sun heart trouble, asthma, nerve disease etc. may be anticipated but aspect of favourable Jupiter on Sun may neutralize all these bad effects.

If Sun be in a movable rasi and is afflicted disease of indigestion is possible, here also aspect of favourable and strong Jupiter will do him good.

(ii) When Moon in the 6th house is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu, indigestion, skin disease, loss of mental peace may be possible; if she is afflicted by Saturn various sorts of chronic diseases, mental derangement, and when she is afflicted by Sun bad liver and complaint of indigestion are possible.

(iii) When Mars in the 6th is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu the native suffers from despondency and always thinks of suicide or death by poisoning; when afflicted by Saturn the native is inclined to pick up quarrel with any body and every body and may be involved into litigation with brothers. The native may be short-tempered and haughty.

(iv) when Mercury is afflicted by Rahu, Ketu or Saturn the native suffers from despondency, abnormal mental condition and may be easily excitable.

(v) Jupiter in the 6th house when afflicted makes the native a voracious eater of sweets and meat and in the long run suffers from serious trouble of indigestion. Jupiter under that circumstance causes great hardship too.

(vi) Venus when afflicted is the cause of urinary trouble, disease of sexual organ, etc. and the native may be addicted to wine and women.

(vii) Afflicted Saturn in the 6th causes serious illness, incurable diseases, gout, paralysis etc.

P- Diseases a native will suffer from, and his enemies, have to be delineated from this house. Generally malefic in 6th are good and benefic in 6th denote malefic results. Lord of 6th is otherwise called the “Rogadipha” (lord of diseases).

Sun in 6th indicates diseases on head

Moon – in 6th, diseases on throat

Mars – in 6th, diseases on throat

Mercury – in 6th, diseases on throat

Jupiter in – 6th indicates heart diseases

Venus – Venereal diseases or disorders

Saturn – diseases on feet

Rahu or Ketu – leprosy. If there is also a benefic along with Rahu or Ketu in 6th, white leprosy would result.

Predictive Principle- Benefices cause increase, abundance etc. depending on their strength and goodness. Malefic cause destruction. By nature, malefic and benefic do so. There is a school of thought, who feel that benefic in 6th, cause increased sickness and malefic in 6th, cause destruction of diseases, enemies etc. Yavanas (another school of thought) do not agree with them but hold that benefic in 6th, 8th and 12th house destroy the effects flowing from that house, thereby indirectly causing good to the native. In view of the opposing view held by many, these houses and the effects flowing from there should be intelligently considered.

Malefic are destroyed by benefice; the aspect from a benefic to a malefic has the effect of softening the malefic effects conferred by a malefic. So also, benefic in 6/8/12 go to destroy the bhava, thus indirectly causing good to native. Malefic in dusthana cause more trouble to native, than otherwise.

Sixth house lord in various houses

If the 6th Lord is situated in the Ascendant, the native will be sickly, famous, inimical to his relatives, adventurous and virtuous.

In case the 6th Lord has fallen in the 2nd House, the native will be adventurous, illustrious in his family and he will live in alien countries or foreign lands, be happy, be a good speaker and be always interested in his own work.

If the 6th Lord is situated in the 3rd House, the native will be given to anger, be bereft of courage, inimical to all his brothers, and will have disobedient Servants.

In case the 6th Lord is situated in the 4th House the native will be devoid of maternal happiness, be intelligent, be a talebearer be jealous, fickle minded and very rich.

In the event of the 6th Lord occupying the 5th House, the natives wealth will be always fluctuating, he will contract enmity with his son and friend, be happy, selfish and kind.

If the 6th Lord is situated in the 6th House the native will have enmity with his own kinsmen and friendship with others and will have only mediocre happiness in matters like wealth.

In case the 6th Lord is situated in the 7th House the native will be devoid of happiness through wedlock, be famous, virtuous honourable, adventurous and wealthy.

In the event of the 6th Lord falling in the 8th House, the native will be sickly, inimical to the learned and the wise, will desire others wealth be interested in others wives and be impure.

If the 6th Lord is situated in the 9th House, the native will trade in wood and stones and will confront fluctuations in trade.

Should the 6th Lord occupy the 10th House, the native will be illustrious in his family, will not be a devoted son, be a gifted speaker, and be happy in foreign countries?

Should the 6th Lord occupy the 11th House, the native will gain from his enemies, be virtuous, adventurous, honourable but be bereft of progeny happiness.

In case the 6th Lord is placed in the 12th House, the money is spent on Vices and the native is inimical to the learned and does violence to animals.


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