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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 60


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of the Seventh House

The following are significations and significators of the 7th house are: (1) marriage (2) Un-chastity (3) winning of a love (4) enmity with a debauched female (5) deviation from the right path (6) good perfume (7) music (8) flowers (9) taking of savoury food and drinks (10) chewing betel leaves with areca (11) break in a journey (12) curd (13) loss of memory (14) acquisition of garments (15) semen virility (16) faithfulness of the husband (17) a pair of wives (18) generative organs (19) Urine (20) the anus (21) trade (22) sweet drink (23) tasting of nectar, soup, ghee, etc. (24) gifts (25) loss of power and status (26) victory over enemy (27) money kept in another place (28) controversy (29) sexual union (30) adopted son (31) relishing food prepared in ghee (32) foreign place (33) wife (34) all type of secret physical pleasures due to sex (35) theft.

Now we will discuss the effects of the Seventh House.

1. The following should be mainly considered from the 7th house: Marriage, wife, husband, pulses, curd, raw sugar(gur), milk, coming and going, urge for sex, urinal place and lost wealth.

2. From the lord of 7th, planets posited in 7th and from the nature of sign covered by the 7th house (Masculine, feminine etc) the appearance, habits & qualities of wife have to be determined. Malefic in 7th house denote the number of wives or Marriages whilst the lord of 7th indicates her death.

3. If Venus or lord of 7th is posited in the dusthana (6 or 8 or 12) the native’s wife will be sickly, resulting in short life for her.

4. Venus or lord of 7th on benefic Vargas (classifications) indicate a wealthy wife; in association with benefic and well-placed i.e. quadrant or trine, the native’s wife will be very beautiful, conceive good sons; on malefic Vargas or posited in 6 or 8 or 12, malefic results.

5. If the 7th is auspicious and the significator is without strength, the native may not marry at all and remain a bachelor throughout life.

6. If Sun is conjunct with lord of 7th or the significator for 7th i.e. Venus, native’s wife will be of deep red complexion, bilious with a deep throated voice and with pleasing characteristics. Full Moon in place of Sun indicates a very beautiful wife, desirable, temperamentally soft, having taste for ornaments & decoration, well dressed.

7. Generally the characteristics of the wife will be dependent on the planet that is predominant concerning the 7th house.

Happiness through his wife- Y- Should the 7th Lord be in his own sign or in his sign of exaltation, the astrologer should predict to the native full happiness through his wife.

Sickness to wife- Y- When the 7th Lord is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th House and is not in his own sign or in his sign of exaltation, the combination causes the native’s wife sickly.

Notes: Except Aries, Taurus and Scorpio in all the other Ascendants, the 7th Lord cannot be in his sign of exaltation or own sign, when in 12th house.

If the Ascendant is Leo and the 7th Lord is in the 6th house, he will be in his own sign.

If the Ascendant is Cancer and the 7th Lord is situated in the 8th House he will be in his own sign.

Therefore, this combination will not be effective in these Leo and Cancer Ascendants also.

Therefore except Leo and Cancer, for the rest the Ascendants, the placement of the 7th Lord in the 6th or 8th house is in also not good for the health of the wife.

Lustful, and death of wife

Y- In the event of Venus being placed in the 7th House, the n ative will be excessively lustful, and

Should Venus be placed in any house together with a malefic planet, the combination will cause the death of the native’s wife.

N- Venus and the 7th House are related to sexual matters, whenever there is conjunction, the native will have abundance of these quality.

Condition of 7th lord If the 7th Lord is strong and is in conjunction with benefit planets or is aspected by them, then the native will be wealthy, honourable, happy and fortunate.

And in case the 7th Lord is weak is in his sign of debilitation or in an enemy’s sign or is combust, the wife of such native is sickly and he will have many wives.

Plurality of wives- When the 7th Lord is in a sign of Saturn or Venus and he is aspected by a benefic planet the native will have many wives.

He will also have many wives in case the 7th Lord is particularly in his exaltation sign.


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