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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 58


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets in 6th House

The following are the generalized effects produced by planets in the 6th House:

The Sun- Intelligent; helpful to relatives and family; head of the household; handsome and sensual; conquers enemies; versed in methodology.

The Moon- Weak or debilitated: Bereft of happiness; sickly and suffers sorrows.

Full Moon- Good stature; happiness of a high order; respect.

Mars- Defeats enemies; sons; finance.

Weak Mars- Unplesant to look at; engaged in sinful and harsh actions.

Mercury- If debilitated: Depends on those whom he dislikes.

If in benefic sign or aspected by benefic: Success over enemies.

Jupiter- Suffers defeat at the hands of his enemy initially, but in the end, gains the upper hand.

Venus- Wastes away his own wealth; success over enemies.

Saturn- In enemy house/debilitation: fear from low class people.

In other houses: Clears debts, success over enemy; children and finance.

Rahu- Defeats enemies; enjoyments from children; finance; his wife will have a peaceful mind; educated; prosperous and happy.

Ketu- Inclined to be associated with rogues and cheats; almost always sickly; ill-dressed.

P- It would be wrong, if we gather the impression that in all cases planets occupying the 6th house which is termed as dusthana or inauspicious house will give unfavourable results. But in practice this is not all true.

The following rules will testify the statement:

(a) Sun in the 6th house: The native becomes a good and famous politician, and successful in his endeavours. The result will be otherwise if Sun is afflicted.

(b) Moon: When favourable and strong in the 6th bhava the native shows his efficiency and attains success in his vocational career.

(c) Mars when favourable and strong in the 6th bhava, the native may be highly sensual, an able administrator or politician.

(d) Mercury favourable and strong in the 6th bhava, a man of sharp intellect outwardly a good man but quarrelsome, yet he is respected by many, his educational career is not smooth-sailing.

(e) Jupiter does not give any good result in the 6th house.

(f) If Venus unaffiliated be in the 6th bhava the native has no enemy, he is benefited by women but may be corrupted by young women.

(g) Saturn in the 6th house makes a man quarrelsome but courageous and the native can undertake very hard task and complete it to his satisfaction.

(h) Rahu in the 6th bhava makes a person long-lived, wealthy but he may be troubled by enemies.

(i) Ketu in the 6th bhava gives very best result, the native may earn name and fame and may have no enemy.

This is also to be remembered that one must be cautious in applying the various rules without taking into considerations of aspect, conjunction and other important factors, that may modify the good effect of planets, in the 6th house.

To explain further, let us rake an example – Moon when strong and favourable does good to the native, but if she is afflicted by the aspect of any unfavourable planet, Moon may be the cause of hysteria, mental derangement (may be lunacy) etc.


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