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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 29


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets & Brothers –

Y-1- Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Venus in 3rd indicates valorous brothers.

Y-2- Moon, Sun or Mercury indicates funky and miserly brothers.

Y-3- Jupiter or Saturn in 3rd indicate reputed and well-Mannered brothers.

N- The above indication will occur according to the strength of the planets concerned.

Planets in 3rd house-

Y-1- Sun in 3rd house denotes success

Y-2- Mars in 3rd denotes sorrow throughout

Y-3- Saturn in 3rd denotes hatred towards many

Y-4- Rahu in 3rd denotes dental disorders; lean body; always energetic; forsakes permanent place of residence.

Plants with significators of 3rd house-

Y-1- If Jupiter aspects Venus in 3rd, prosperity of brothers is bound to occur.

Y-2- Jupiter in 3rd house causes loss of brothers.

Y-3- Jupiter and Mercury in 3rd also cause same results loss of brothers.

Y-4- Mercury alone in 3rd indicates growth of brothers.

Y-5- Connection of lord of 3rd and lord of Ascendant with Mercury indicates definite growth of brothers.

Y-6- If Mars is in 3rd or aspects 3rd house, the native may have either two urinary passages or passes urine in two streams.

Y-7- Sun, Jupiter and Rahu together in 3rd house indicate long teeth.

Y-8- If there is benefic in 3rd in conjunction of the above three planets i.e., Sun, Jupiter and Rahu moderate small teeth are indicated.

Planets: The following are the effects produced by planets posited in the third house:

Sun- Valorous; engages himself in senseless arguments; strong and wealthy; self confident; reputed; a large number of people are grateful to him and respect him; god-fearing.

Moon- If Malefic- lacking in push and courage; talks much; bereft of brothers; foolish.

If Benefic and strong-Various enjoyments; praiseworthy habits; good in poetry.

Mars- Bereft of brother/sister; lean body; enjoyments in many ways; capable.

If Mars is exalted: sensual pleasures.

If Mars is debilitated bereft of wealth & happiness.

If Mars is in a Saturn sign: literally no effect on the Aquarius native.

Mercury- Exalted in 3rd Very wealthy; bereft of brothers; wife and children; sinful; wavering mentality and shy.

In 3rd house-Weak in legs; lean body; sickly in young age.

Jupiter- Due to his dislike of brothers, he troubles them frequently; miserly; moderate financial status; bereft of happiness.

Venus- A number or brothers and sisters; suffers from eye troubles; wealthy but always miserly.

Saturn- Forsaken by his own brothers; lustrous body; liked by highly placed persons; good wife & good children.

Rahu- Loss of brother/sister; hated by public; happiness; wealth; children & wife.

Exalted Rahu: Will have brothers and good wealth including high class conveyances.

Ketu- All round prosperity; loves his relatives; renouncing nature; charitable in outlook; fearless.

Prosperity- If lord of 3rd is strong and happens to be a benefic, financial prosperity, agricultural yields, good sons, daughters; success, charity and reputation are assured.

Costly vessels- If Venus is strong and posited in 3rd, general prosperity is assured, in addition to owning costly vessels, including silver utensils for personal use.

Income from Govt- If lord of 3rd is conjunct with Mars or has any other connection with Mars and is has aspect of a benefic the native will get income from Govt authority.

Hernia- Conjunction of Sun, Jupiter and Rahu in 3rd denotes sufferings from Hernia.

Good looks- In conjunction of Venus, if lord of 3rd is in quadrant cum own or exaltation or friendly house, the native will be good looking and will have ample enjoyments.


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