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Today's Astral Energy

The energy of the day - astrologically for July, 26, 12 says - Mind will be aggressive , unstable and wanting to show a balance in actions - the prime mover inside will be FEAR - DELUSION - NEED T6O ACT SECRETLY & PERHAPS NEGATIVELY.

Thought Of The Day - The basic thing when TWO PEOPLE say that they in love or something to that effect - the THING which actually happens is that IF WE GET SOMEONE TO LISTEN - UNDERSTAND - COUNSEL - TELL - ADVICE - we call this LOVE - it is not love - IT is the COMFORT you develop with a PERSON - the other PERSON HEALS YOU AT VARIOUS LEVELS BY LISTENING & MORE - Marriages fail because you move from listening / understanding/comforting TO A ROLE - AN EXPECTATION - OTHER THINGS WE ALL KNOW - expectations creates energy of NEGATIVITY - we presently move THEN to find a PERSON who HEALS as i have explained and that we call extra marital which it is NOT . Love is where there is NO EXPECTATION - we Relate with a positive energy - we accept - that is LOVE - difficult to cultivate. We invest where we GET HEALED - WE GO TO PERSON WHO PROVIDES COMFORT AND THAT MOSTLY IS NOT THE HUSBAND - WIFE - as we move to INSTANT gratification WE PERHAPS CREATE more complications. Spirituality says that TRY to cultivate love which means NO EXPECTATIONS OR at least a positive energy flows - REMEMBER - THE MORE YOU INDULGE THE LESS YOU ENJOY/SHIFT TO UNSELFISHNESS/MEET WITH LESS CONFLICT & A SENSE OF TOGETHERNESS/USE YOUR INTELLECT/ THAT NOTHING IS PERMANENT ----- CAN GO ON BUT LEAVE IT TO YOU - FOLLOW THESE - FOLLOW BE MEDITATING.

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