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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Taurus described: Taurus is white in complexion and is lorded by Venus. It is long, is a quadruped sign and is strong in the night. It resides in the South and represents villages. It is of Vaishya caste, its element is the earth, it is Rajoguna and it rises with its back.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and its symbol is the Bull. Taurus is an Earth sign, reliable and materialistic.

Taurus is the sign of determination, stubbornness, and steadiness. Taurus native’s greatest strength lies in their tenacity and relentless drive to accomplish their goals. They are practical at heart, and constantly strive to master their earthly and material surroundings.

A key element in the Taurus native personality is the need for security, both emotional and material. They are most comfortable dealing with the familiar and have great bouts of anxiety and uneasiness about change. Rather than resist it though, Taurus native take a wait-and-watch approach before developing a level of comfort with new situations. They must be sure that a new person, situation, or relationship will be beneficial to them before embracing them. Once convinced, though, Taurus native will develop a life-long loyalty and commitment that is unmatched by that of other signs. This makes them intensely jealous, and stories abound about the temper of a crossed Taurus.

Taurus native are also very fond of material and earthly pleasures. They are happiest at home, surrounded by the security and comforts of their possessions. Their sensuous nature leads them to live the good life. They often seek the finest clothing, art, and foods, and have a fine appreciation for beauty and aesthetics.

Beneath the stubborn exterior lies a gentler, softer side. Taurus native tend to be very sentimental and passionate and believe in pampering their partners. Deep inside, unseen to others, they are hopeless romantics.

Taurus sign in the ascendant

If Taurus is in the ascendant, the native is a happy hero, who is able to bear toil and trouble and who possesses a hoard in his youth; one whose cheeks, lips, forehead, and nose are fleshy; a man who causes many diseases of his father and mother.

A handsome and generous person whose actions are zealous; one who harasses his foes and has various expenses and monies; a person of phlegmatic and windy humour who slays his own people; a man who fathers daughters and whose intellect shies away from righteousness (dharma).

One fond of his wife and greedy for food and drink; a handsome man with bright-coloured clothes and ornaments; one who secretly thinks of friendship with his family, but who is an enemy to his own brothers and very cruel to his relatives.

A hateful, ungrateful, fickle, and slow man, a source of confidence who enjoys coarse foods; a lord of a guild whose wealth is increased by travelling on waters and engaging in the business of a merchant; a man whose deeds are clever and strong.

A person whose mind is filled with misery, pain, and laziness; a glorious man whose heart has turned to firm deeds; one who dies because of quadrupeds, blows, arrows, weapons, nooses, or fevers, or who is slain by his enemies.

The pure Taurus native

He is essentially to be trusted as a reliable, careful, steadfast person, of pleasant hospitable ways. He loves the country and his garden and is contented with his possessions which mean a great deal to him. He has real feeling for such things. He is not enterprising, preferring to conserve and to prosper in well-tried ways. He can become a little boring, as he is so fixed in his opinions.

In love he is charmingly affectionate, but over-possessive.

Overstress or misuse of these traits will mean inertia, stodginess, obstinacy and a tendency to suspicion of more lively people. Love of good things and possessions may turn to greedy and grasping ways.

Inhibition of his natural traits will be caused if he is subjected to overmuch rush and excitement, bringing overtiredness.

As a child, the Taurus native will be charming, biddable, enjoying nursery rules and school routine. He will be a great success when at the top of the school, because of such good ways. He is apt to take some time to get over this, failing to adapt him-self to the emergencies of the bigger world. His mind does not work swiftly, so he should be given time to achieve his results. He may be what is called a slow developer.


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