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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 9


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Yogas for Taurus Ascendant

Y-1- For Taurus Ascendant, Jupiter-(11L) and Mercury-(2L) combination brings ample financial luck. If Venus is also involved in this conjunction, great wealth is likely. If Mars also joins, there will be large debts. Such Jupiter’s major period will yield mixed results.

Y-2- The major period of Mercury will confer a good amount of wealth, if Mercury, and Venus are placed in Ascendant whilst Jupiter is in Scorpio.

Y-3- Whilst Mercury and Venus are in Ascendant, if Jupiter is in debilitation, then there will be accrual of wealth in both the major periods of Jupiter and Mercury.

Y-4- If Moon and Venus are placed in Cancer for this Ascendant, very Moderate wealth is indicated in the Major period of Venus.

Y-5- If Mars, Mercury and Saturn stand in Capricorn whilst. Rahu is in Aquarius, there will be bath in Ganges in Major periods of Mars and Rahu.

Y-6- Moon and Venus in Libra, whilst Mercury and Jupiter are placed in Pisces, in the major periods of Jupiter and Mercury, there will be moderate income, but in major period of Venus. Much income will result.

Taurus: Yogas from Bhavartha Ratnakar etc.

1. Neither is Saturn a yogakarka, nor do Sun and Mercury confer any fortunes if they’re in Ascendant.

2. If there’s a Mars-Jupiter combination in Capricorn or Rahu is in Aquarius, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga.

3. Moon is capable of producing a yoga when posited in Leo and aspected by either Jupiter or Mercury.

4. Mars, when in 7th, is a benefic. If Sun and Jupiter are conjoined in Pisces, long life is indicated.

5. A Jupiter-Mercury association causes dhana yoga.

6. The above dhana yoga is destroyed if either planet is aspected by Mars.

7. There will be debts during Mercury’s dasa if there’s an association between Mars, Jupiter and Mercury.

8. Jupiter’s data will give mixed results whereas Mars’ dasa gives wealth. If Mercury is in a quadrant, the native is blessed with happiness during its dasa.

9. If Mercury and Venus are in Ascendant and Jupiter is in Scorpio, Mercury dasa will be fortunate.

10. If Mars and Venus are in Ascendant, and Jupiter is in Capricorn, both Mercury’s and Jupiter’s dasas will be fortunate.

11. If Saturn, Mercury and Mars are in Capricorn, and Rahu in Pisces, the native enjoy dips in holy-rivers like the Ganga during the dasas of Mars and Rahu.

12. If Moon and Venus are in Libra, with Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces, Jupiter dasa will cause a dhana yoga.

13. Lots of wealth are indicated in the Venus dasa.

14. Moon in Ascendant isn’t very auspicious, and will afflict other dhana yogas present in the chart.

15. The native becomes very fortunate if Moon is in the Ascendant of any sign other than Taurus.


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