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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 8


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Taurus Ascendant – Sign in Houses

The natives of this Ascendant. Are generally of handsome built, as Venus the beautiful becomes the lord-of the Ascendant. They are given to luxurious living and have intimacy with people belonging to faiths other than the Hindus, as the other sign of the Ascendant falls in this case in the 6th house which is a house of others or foreigners. Such people are also prone to accidents for the same reason, and particularly when Mars and Jupiter are also influencing Venus (Mars is significator of injuries and Jupiter for Taurus Ascendant assumes violent role because of it’s lordship over the 11th house. People with this ascendant, though fond of a luxurious life are capable of working very hard like a bull once they set their mind on work.

Gemini in the Second House. If the sign Gemini is in the second house, and if Mercury is strong, the native becomes an orator, for the reason that Mercury the significator of speech has in this case become himself the lord of the two houses of speech viz of the second and the fifth and as such represents “speech” in the fullest measure and by being in strength boosts the power of speech to the fullest extent. If Mercury and Venus are together and are afflicted by the aspect etc., of such planets as Mars and Ketu, the first wife of the native does not live long. The reason is clear. In this case, both Venus the significator of wife, and Mercury the lord of the 8th house from that of the wife (7th) suffer and brings about the undesired effect.

Cancer in the Third House. The lord of the 4th sign is Moon-which is the significator of “Mind” and the 3rd house represents one’s “hobby”. Hence the house in which the Moon would be interested from the point of view of “Hobby”. For example if Moon is located in the 4th house in the sign Leo, one takes great interest in politics, if it is located in the 5th house in the sign Virgo, he is interested in places of amusement, such as the cinema, clubs etc. If Moon is weak and afflicted the chest of the younger brother of the native is weak, and he is likely to fall prey to such diseases of the chest as the T.B., pneumonia etc. If in addition to Moon being weak there is the affliction of the 3rd house as well, particularly by Mars, the younger brother of the native is likely to become hunch-backed.

Leo in the Fourth House. Sun becomes the lord of the 4th house when Leo falls in that house. If Sun is strong the residence of the native is wide and open with plenty of Sun shine in it. The native is bold with a broad chest. He has comforts of a high class in life. His mother is a lady with much prowess. If Sun is weak and afflicted by Saturn and Rahu, who if they also afflict the 4th house, the native is sure to leave his residence and live away from it most of his life. If such yoga obtains in the case of a govt., servant, he is liable to very frequent transfers. The mother of the native in such a case suffers from nervous troubles such as arthritis, paralysis etc.

Virgo in the Fifth House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 2nd and the 5th house. If Mercury is strong it makes the native an orator, wealthy and wise and his son gets much honour in life. The native possesses a handsome body. If on the other hand Mercury is weak and afflicted by malefic planets, the native suffers financial losses, he is not highly educated, he is likely to have aborted pregnancies, may have some defect in his speech and he is likely to suffer losses through his own son.

Libra in the Sixth House. If Venus is strong the younger brothers of the mother of the native stand to gain financially etc. Contrary is the case if Venus is weak. The planet that influences the most the planet Venus and the 6th house denotes the cause of the death of the younger brother to the mother of the native. As strong Venus denotes a good number of the younger sisters to the mother of the native. If Venus is under benefic influence, the native treats even his enemies with consideration and love.

Scorpio in the Seventh House. If Mars is strong the wife or husband represented by the 7th house lives long. A weak and afflicted Mars is instrumental in causing many expenses on the wife of the native. If Mars and Venus occupy the 5th and the 12th house the native is ridden with sex. If the horoscope belongs to a female and both Mars and Saturn afflict the Ascendant as well as the lord of the Ascendant, then the husband of the lady is very hard and cruel towards her, for the reason that Mars represents the “self” of the husband as lord of the 7th house and Saturn represents the arms (deliberate self) of the husband again, being lord of the 3rd house from the 7th. Both are cruel and would be influencing, Venus a representative in itself of wife both as Venus and as lord of Ascendant in the female nativity. Venus and 1st house under separative influence causes sterilization of wife in a male horoscope.

Sagittarius and the Eighth House. Jupiter becomes the lord of the 8th and the 11th house. If Jupiter is strong, but the 8th house is under strong malefic influence, one gains financially through transactions with foreign lands or the foreign people. If Jupiter is strong one lives long. The Dasa or bhukti of Jupiter does not give much wealth as Jupiter’s main sign viz Sagittarius falls in the worst house.

Capricorn in the Ninth House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 9th and the 10th houses, i.e. of a trine and an angle and as such becomes Raja Yoga karaka. Unless Saturn is family strong the native is born in a rather poor family. If Saturn is not under the benefic influence of Jupiter etc, the father of the native possesses harsh speech. The fortune of the native increases slowly. In its Dasa and bhukti Saturn gives increased income, promotion and status.

Aquarius in the Tenth House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 9th and the 10th houses. Ninth is a trine and 10th an angle. Hence Saturn becomes Raja Yoga Karaka planet i.e. it would confer affluence and power on the native in it’s Dasa and bhukti, If Saturn is strong the native gets name, and success not only through the govt, but also through divine help i.e. in circumstances in which he apparently deserves very little success.

Pisces in the Eleventh House. Jupiter become the lord of the 11th and the 8th house. If the 11th house and Jupiter are aspected by Mars and Saturn the native does not have any elder brothers. If Jupiter is strong the native gains through some sort of invention or discovery. He is also blessed with elder brothers, and engages himself in good deeds.

Aries in the Twelfth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 12th and the 7th houses. Both of these houses represent “sex” and luxurious living. Hence if Venus and Mars are together and are located in the 5th house, the native is ridden with sex. The location of Venus and Mars together in the 7th house or the 12th house also gives the same results. Mars lord of the 12th and the 7th houses according to the basic rules of Maharshi Parashar would give the results of the 7th house, and as such its lordship over that angle, would make him lose his malefic nature. Thus Mars will be somewhat good for the native so for as the financial matters are concerned.


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