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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Gemini described: The sign Gemini rises with its head, it is represented by a couple (male and female) holding a mace and a lute; it resides in the West and its element is air, it is biped, is strong in the night, resides in villages and is windy in temperament; it has an even body and its hue is grass green. Its Lord is Mercury.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and its symbol is the Twins. Gemini is an Air sign, analytical and ever-changing. Intelligent, communicative, and non-conformist are the qualities that best describe those born under the sign of Gemini. The influence of Mercury on the intellect give Gemini native a thirst for learning and knowledge, which in turn they wish to tell everyone about. Their quick imagination and wit allows them to jump from one topic to another in conversation and they can keep an audience riveted with their charm, originality and mental agility.

Gemini native are often moody and unpredictable; hence the dual quality of their personality. They constantly crave variety and new stimulus, and are prone to depression if this urge is not satisfied. But not for long, for their energy and quick thinking always propels them in a new direction. A happy Gemini is a Gemini with four of five interests going at the same time. Restless by nature, they often find themselves with more than one job, hobby, career, and lover.

The down side to Gemini native personality is their constant contempt for the status quo and authority-breaking the rules is their motto, which can sometimes work against their best efforts. Another weakness of Gemini is superficiality. With so much going on, only the surface can be scratched in many endeavors, leaving a feeling of unfulfillment. However, Gemini native quick thinking and gift for improvisation can save the day by allowing them to creatively turn their negative tendencies into potentials for success.

Gemini Sign in the Ascendant

If the third sign (Gemini) is in the ascendant, the native likes to be respected and is addicted to conversation and giving gifts; a man whose mind is expanded by music, singing, sacred traditions (smrti), laughter, learning, the meaning of the sciences, and the meaning of poetry;

One who is overwhelmed by a desire for beauty, ornaments, and sexual intercourse; a truthful and eloquent man who is the most honourable of good men; one who has two mothers and two natures; a courteous person whose limbs are too few or too many and whose eye-lashes are malformed;

A pure and well mannered man who is beloved among the elders, but whose family and possessions are unsteady and insignificant; one who is impatient of insult and has a noble lineage; a handsome rogue with evil sons and few relatives;

A man with many wives and a widespread and cruel family; one who is lazy with respect to righteousness (dharma) but conquers his pitiless foes; a man whose actions lead to accomplishment with respect to the buying of jewels, the use of expediencies, travelling over water, and magic spells, but who abandons his money;

One who gives away his lands, woolens, goats, sheep, and objects of gold; a lazy man who endures the anger of the king; one who dies because of animals, forests, carnivorous beasts, or oceans, or from being surrounded in the water.
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