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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 16


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Cancer Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic

Benefic- Mars and Jupiter a High class benefic

Malefic- Mercury, Venus and Saturn

Mars can confer Raja yoga single-handed.

Jupiter and Mars together in a sign or otherwise connected, are capable of conferring a high class Raja Yoga.

Sun, even as lord of 2nd, does not become a Maraka.

Venus and Mercury become a Maraka for this Ascendant.

Planets for Cancer Ascendant – Karaka and Maraka

Sun- As lord of the second house a strong Sun gives benefit from the government and in appreciable measure. The finances improve. If weak it harms financial prospects, political prospects, brings about trouble in eyes and separation from the family.

Moon- Being lord of Ascendant, if Moon is away from Sun by more than 72 degrees and is well aspected it boosts wealth, and honour. If, however, it is weak, it gives bad health, trouble in chest and diseases of the blood, defame and opposition from the public.

Mars- Being a lord of Angle and Trine it is very nice in its Major period and Sub period provided of course, if it is strong Mars placed in Cancer in Ascendant, even though in its sign of debilitation should be considered as strong for the reason that, it is well placed from both of its sign i.e. it is fourth from Aries and ninth from Scorpio.

Mercury- Being lord of the 12th and third houses of the horoscope Mercury is a malefic planet according to the principles of Parashar. If, however, it is placed in the 5th house under malefic influence it would greatly harm the traits of these evil houses and would thus give highly nice results in the financial field. It should be noted that when Mercury is in Scorpio, it would be third from Virgo and Sixth from Gemini, i.e. ill placed from both its signs and as such will harm both 12th and 3rd house leading to gains. If aspected by friends of Moon it mould also give nice results.


Jupiter is very slightly good for this Ascendant as the Mooltrikona sign of this planet falls in the sixth house an undesirable house.


As lord of Angle it ceases to be good but as lord of 11th house it again becomes bad according to Parashar, but in our humble experience we have found it bad for health and not for finances. When weak it can be bad for finances as well. The Major period of Venus in Saturn and vice versa is bad for the health of Cancer people.


Saturn strong means long life. But since it gives the main results of the 8th house, which is one of poverty, a strong Saturn is not conducive to much wealth.

Yogas for Cancer Ascendant

Y-1- Venus in 2nd or 12th of Cancer Ascendant confers wealth; not for other Ascendants.

Y-2- Good wealth is indicated for the native of this Ascendant having Mars in Ascendant, whilst Moon occupies the 10th and the 3 planets Sun, Jupiter and Venus are in 9th.

Y-3- Mars, Jupiter and Moon in 2nd whilst Sun and Venus stand in 5th, also denotes good wealth.

Y-4- Mercury becomes a yoga Karaka if both Mercury and Venus are found in the 5th house.

Y-5- Lordship over country and great courage would result if Jupiter is in Ascendant, Sun in 10th and the 11th is occupied by Moon, Venus and strong Mercury.

Y-6- The stay of Sun and Mars in Aries denotes good wealth.

Y-7- Sun and Mercury in Ascendant (Cancer), Venus in 9th house, whilst Jupiter and Moon occupy the 11th, loss of wealth will occur in the major periods of Sun and Mars and gain of wealth in major periods of other planets involved in this yoga.

(Sun and Venus in 1st and 9th house will seldom occur).

Y-8- There will be bath in Ganges in the major period of Rahu for a native having Jupiter in 11th, whilst Saturn and Rahu are placed in 5th along with Mars.

Y-9- In Saturn’s sub period occurring in major period of Jupiter, the native will undertake pilgrimage, if in his nativity, Sun, Rahu and Jupiter are placed in 5th whilst Saturn is in Ascendant.

Raja Yogas

Powerful and strong Raja Yogas arise for the Moveable signs when they become ascendants coupled with the following Yogas:

Cancer Ascendant

Jupiter and Moon in Ascendant.

Moon in Ascendant whilst Jupiter is in Capricorn.

Sun in Aries whilst Moon is in Ascendant.

Saturn in Libra whilst Moon is in Ascendant.

Cancer: Yogas from Bhavartha Ratnakar etc.

1. While Mercury proves fruitful, Jupiter doesn’t cause any yoga.

2. Mars is a yogakaraka, and even more so if posited in either of his own houses.

3. Venus can also be a benefic, but only if he’s posited either in Leo or Gemini.

4. If Mars, Jupiter and Moon are in Leo, with Sun and Venus in Scorpio, the native will become wealthy and fortunate.

5. If Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio, Mercury confers fortune during its dasa.

6. If Mercury, Venus and Moon are in Gemini, Jupiter in Cancer and Sun in Aries, the result is a maha rajayoga and will definitely make the native a king.

7. If Sun and Mars are in Aries, the native will always be wealthy. Death results during the Jupiter dasa.

8. If Mercury and Venus are in Gemini, Venus dasa will prove fortunate.

9. A Jupiter-Moon conjunction in Ascendant will make the native famous and fortunate.

10. When Moon is in Ascendant, rajayogas are produced when either Mars is in Capricorn, Saturn is in Libra, or Sun is in Aries.

11. When there’s a combination of Sun and Mercury in Ascendant, Venus in Libra, and Moon-Mars-Jupiter in Taurus, the native becomes bankrupt during the Sun dasa, while other dasas will be good.

12. If Mercury and Jupiter are in Taurus, and Saturn and Rahu are in Scorpio, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga during the Rahu dasa.


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