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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 17


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Leo described: The sign Leo is of Sattwika disposition and lorded by the Sun; it is four footed and Kshatriya (martial) by race and resides in forests; it rises with its back, has a bulky body and is pale in hue; it resides in the east and is strong in the day.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and its symbol is the Lion, Leo is a Fire sign, creative and grandiose.

Just like the Sun is the center of our planetary system, Leo native see themselves as the center of all life. There is no sign in the Zodiac more proud or regal. Like their symbol the Lion, Leo native rule majestically over their respective kingdoms, be they an entire nation, an office, or simply a household.

Leo native are warm and generous by nature and believe in giving themselves wholeheartedly to the right causes. In return, however, they expect the same loyalty and integrity they exhibit from others. The role they assume is that of nobility and therefore tend to do things in a grand and flamboyant manner. Leo native feel most in their element when they are the object of everyone’s attention and will seek the spotlight whenever they can. They have a talent for appearing regal and stately before others and spend a great deal of energy influencing how others perceive them.

Leo native are practical, enthusiastic, hard working, and remarkably self-confident. They tend to gravitate towards positions of authority and their strong sense of integrity and optimism make them excellent leaders. They are at their best in positions of power and responsibility. However, like the Lion, they can become lazy and indolent if their desire for authority is not fulfilled.

Leo native like the good life and will spare no expense to surround themselves with the finest luxuries and most lavish possessions. Nothing is too good for them, from the restaurants they frequent to the way they dress. They have a dislike for the ordinary and the routine, and are constantly seeking new excitement.

If Leo native have an Achilles heel it is in their insatiable thirst for admiration. Their egos demand constant flattery and praise. If they not receive their share, they become withdrawn and sulky, but are too proud to ask for complements. However, their natural optimism and Sunny disposition brings them back around, and before long, they are back to their original pomp and flamboyance.

Leo Sign in the Ascendant

If Leo is in the ascendant, the native is a man of great strength whose chest is hard and whose form and face are fierce as a lion’s; a man fond of flesh who is honoured by the king; one who has depth, firmness, steadfastness, and courage;

An arrogant person who speaks little and runs after wealth; a greedy and hungry man who delights in striking others; a careless person who is very irritable and is hard to resist; one who is firm for his friends and a saint (sadhu) among those who pay obsequies to him;

A well established man who undertakes all the duties of a household; one who is divorced from righteousness (dharma) in sexual acts; a man who slays adverse men of varying character, protecting his relatives who delight in murder and injury;

A man whose son is famous and the faction of whose enemies is overcome; one whose wealth is increased and accumulated by such activities as farming; one who marries various aged wives or whores, dancers, and ascetic women;

A man addicted to his profession who desires various extravagances; one who suffers from toothaches; a man who dies inevitably because of hunger, swords, nooses, water, and poison, or because of anger and diseases, or because of aquatic animals.

The Heart

This correlation indicates the vital power of the sign. The heart is the dominating organ of the body and the Leonine person is most frequently the dominating person who takes the lead most naturally and organizes others to follow, and who generously gives in a “heart-felt” way. Indicative phrases are: “He puts his heart into what he does,” “He said that from his heart.”

The Pure Leo native

He is dignified, proud, regal, commanding, powerful, magnanimous, large-hearted, generous, strong-willed, reliable, fixed in his opinions and principles, a good leader, a good “creator” both of a family and of ideas for organizations. He is faithful and trusting. He is usually cheerful, fond of games, amusement and the theatre (preferring the stalls to the gallery!).

His abounding vitality makes him very able in many ways, quick at work or play. He goes ahead by unconsciously banking on his innate self-assurance that the top must be the place for him. Such a naïve attitude of expectation often has something almost childish in it, but is this not consonant with the phrase “His Majesty, the baby”? He often feels unappreciated, since he looks to others for the same open-handed trust which he himself gives. He fails to find it and is hurt when he finds his trust misplaced. He tends to do everything in a rather “big” way. His handwriting will be large.

In love he is whole-heartedly and sincerely affectionate, wanting to bring Sun-shine and happiness to the loved one.

Overstress or misuse of these traits will mean domineering insistence on being top-dog,” refusal to be content with second place, a conceited, self-appraising, snobbish attitude, a desire to keep the reins of power and make no changes. A “power-complex” will develop. Affection may become too patronizing and the feeling of personal royalty, may lead to the treating of others as subjects. Speed may become impatience. A blithe enjoyment of taking risks may become recklessness, and overspending may take the place of generosity.

Inhibition of his natural traits will be caused if subjected to too much snubbing and too ignoble an existence. It is likely to produce broken-heartedness and dejection. The light of the Sun is covered by clouds.

As a child the Leo native will be Sunny, happy, strong, playful, and affectionate. He should not be too constantly squashed, even if he does become too pleased with himself, as it hurts him to damp his natural high spirits and enthusiasms. The tendency to be bossy with other children should be gently restrained, not by refusal to let his natural leadership come out, but by showing him that he must play fair and others must have their turn, even though he does think he can do it best. He must be made to realize that it is undignified to show off.


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