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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 15


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Physical Characteristics

The whiteness of the Moon seems to show in the whiteness of skin of Cancer natives, especially in the clear white forehead. The traditional description is of a soft-fleshed, not very muscular person, with a round “Moon” face. Experience seems to show that this is not always so, the reflective ability of the sign showing so often in that the appearance will be more like that of the sign in which the Moon is found. “Crab-faced” means a peevish look and the more “touchy” often adopt this slightly annoyed glance.


Digestive troubles are frequent, also gastric ulcers. The strength or weakness of the feminine reproductive organs may be judged partly from the condition of this sign.

Way of Living

The Cancer native is at his best in any sphere where his natural urges can reasonably be expressed. He is therefore better where he is busily looking after something or someone. The busy housewife is typically Cancer native. Even the men often enjoy cooking. Any business to do with catering to the public is congenial. He or she is better in a safe occupation. Though Cardinal, the busy ways are better when used for the home or for an organization than for the too worrying needs of a personal/business.


Cancer women are often essentially feminine, and will occupy themselves with the usual sewing and knitting. Men enjoy the happy domestic evenings at home. Collecting is often a hobby, whether it is antique furniture or stamps. Everything to do with the sea, such as sailing and bathing will be enjoyed.

Cancer Ascendant and Sign in Houses

Since the lordship of this Ascendant goes to Moon. A planet that is like mother to all and enemy to none, the natives of this ascendant are generally of mild and gentle nature. They are well wishers of all, enemies to none. They are also fond of truth and avoid falsehood as for as is practicable for them to do so. They generally act in haste, because Moon the lord of the Ascendant is a fast moving planet. Such people are prone to alter their decisions if put under pressure, like the Moon who changes its phases so often. Such people are fond of the subject denoted by the house in which the Moon is located, for Moon in their case represents the mind par excellence. For example, if Moon is located in the 2nd house they are fond of the family and their bank balance, if located in the 3rd house they are fond of their brothers and friends. If it occupies the 4th house they are fond of their motherland, their mother, and the masses in general etc. If Moon is located in the 6th house such people are fond of the labour class and of the people belonging to faiths other than the Hindu faith. If it is in the 7th house, they are fond of their wife and the partners in business. If it is located in the 8th house, they are fond of adventure and sinful deeds. If it is located in the 9th house they are fond of long inland travels, religion, and high thoughts. If it is located in the 10th house they become fond of righteous deeds and people placed in high position. If Moon is located in the 11th house they are very much devoted to the ideal they hold dear to their heart. Lastly if the Moon is located in the 12th house they become fond of sleep, voracious reading and high expenditure.

Leo in the Second House. If Leo is in the second house and Sun is strong, one gets ruling powers as both the second house and Sun its lord would represent ruling powers. There is a ring of “Royal” tone in the speech of the native. The native’s mother gets a good number of elder brothers, Sun lord of the 11th house from that of the mother being a male planet. If, on the other hand, the Sun is weak and afflicted, the native gets trouble in his eyes as both the second house and Sun represent the eyes. He is opposed to the family and also suffers at the hands of the government represented by both the second house and its lord (Sun).

Virgo in the Third House. Here the planet Mercury becomes the lord of the 12th and the 3rd houses. If this Planet happens to fall in the 5th house in the sign Scorpio, It would be adversely situated from both of its signs. It will be 6th from Gemini and 3rd from Virgo. Mercury in such a position would naturally harm the prospects of the 12th and the 4d houses, more particularly because it would be occupying Scorpio-an inimical sign as well. Now if Mercury is under the malefic influence only and has on it no influence either by aspect or by association of benefic planets, and the 12th and the 3rd houses are also devoid of benefic influence, the evil denoted by the 3rd and the 12th houses will be completely destroyed with the result that the yoga will give extra-ordinary affluence and would make the native a millionaire indeed. It should however, be remembered that the severe affliction of both the 3rd house and its lord, particularly Mercury, may result in the premature death of the native, unless he has very strong indications for a long life.

Libra in the Fourth House. When Libra falls in the 4th house, Venus becomes the lord of the 4th and the 11th houses. If Venus be in the 7th or the 12th house, the native is over sexed, for the reason that both the 7th and the 12th houses are houses of sex and enjoyment of the bed, and Venus as the lord of the 4th house represents a mind saturated with sex. If Venus and Rahu are situated together in the 12th house, the mother of the native dies of some chronic disease, for Rahu a malignant planet not only acts like Saturn and harms Venus, lord of the 4th house, but also harms the 4th house too by its aspect.

Scorpio in the Fifth House. The planet Mars becomes the lord of the 5th house (a trine) and the 10th house (a angle), and as such it gives highly good results, in regard to finances, power etc. If Mars is very strong the native has the capacity to rise high in the estimation of the govt. through his power of intellect and sound advisory capacity. He earns name and fame through his power of sound advice. If on the other hand Mars is weak and afflicted the name of the native suffers through his progeny. He also suffers through troubles in the belly.

Sagittarius in the Sixth House. Jupiter although it owns the 6th house is in the last analysis some what though not much benefit in effect due to his lordship of the 9th house. A strong Jupiter indicates a good number of uncles. If Jupiter is weak it indicates some lasting loss from some Brahmin enemy.

Capricorn in the Seventh House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 7th and the 8th houses. This makes the wife of the native harsh in speech. She is also full of anger as she has Saturn as the lord of her Ascendant and Mars as the lord of the house of her mind (i.e. 4th from 7th) unless, of course Mars and Saturn are under benefic influence, by association or aspect. Saturn as the lord of the 7th house makes wife a very hard working lady. She generally does not belong to a very high family unless, of course, Saturn has on it much benefic influence. A strong Saturn, of course, indicates long life for the wife, for Saturn the significator of longevity himself becomes the lord of the 7th house-the house of wife. If Venus is located in the 12th house, the wife of native is long lived, even if Mars be aspecting the 7th house from the Ascendant, for Venus feels very happy and strong in congenial atmosphere in the house of enjoyments (12th). The sub-period of Saturn is not beneficial. It may on the other hand be very harmful, particularly in the Dasa of Venus or vice versa, for both Venus and Saturn are malefic and adverse/planets for Cancer nativities according to the basic rules adumbrated by Maharshi Parashar.

Aquarius in the Eighth House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 7th and the 8th houses. If Saturn is strong it gives long life as it is lord of the house of longevity and also because it is the significator of longevity. The wife of the native is generally harsh of speech, unless Saturn has benefic influence on it. If Saturn is weak and afflicted the man can be disgraced by his own wife. Such a Saturn is not conducive to wealth, as Saturn by virtue of it’s lordship over the 7th angle ceases to be a malefic, but due to it’s simultaneous lordship of the 8th house it becomes a malefic planet. If Saturn is weak it gives bad results in regard to finances, particularly in the Dasa or sub-period of Venus. The reason is that both Saturn and Venus are enemies to Moon the lord of the Ascendant.

Pisces in the Ninth House. Jupiter becomes the lord of the 9th and the 6th house. In the net result Jupiter is slightly beneficial for the reason that the 6th house is not as bad as the 9th house is good. If Jupiter is weak one suffers suddenly through his enemies. Jupiter in the Ascendant makes one religious. If Jupiter is in the 2nd home, the native is apt to deliver speeches in the public on religious matters.

Aries in the Tenth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 10th and the 5th houses. By simultaneously owning a angle and a trine, Mars becomes a Raja Yoga Karaka planet i.e. harbinger of affluence and power. If Mars occupies the 7th house i.e. Capricorn and is not under any malefic influence, it constitutes “Kahal” yoga, about the beneficial results of which the author of “Dev a Keralam” opines: that a person born in “Kahal” yoga becomes a general or a minister and draws 7 thousand as salary according to the opinion of Ishvara. There are many reasons for the beneficial results of Mars of the type stated above. First of all Mars is a Raja Yoga Karaka in this case, i.e. a planet of affluence and power. Secondly it will be occupying its sign of exaltation which will add to those beneficial results. Thirdly it will be in angle and, therefore, strong and consequently more favourable. Forthly and most important of all, the aspect of Mars will fall on Aries-it’s own sign with the result that the prospects of the 10th house i.e. ruling powers and those of the 5th house i.e. the powers of advising the people and the government would be boosted.

Taurus in the Eleventh House. Venus ceases to be a benefic by virtue of the fact that it owns the 4th angle. Since it also owns the 11th house it becomes a malefic as defined under the rules of Parashar. Venus in its Dasa and the sub-period of Saturn would cause physical trouble as well as financial stringency. If Venus is strong one is blessed with a high class vehicle. If Venus is located with Rahu in the 12th house one is separated from his house, or his house is destroyed. In such a case Rahu, the Planet of separation would not only be afflicting Venus by its association but would also be throwing its 5th aspect on the 4th house of which Venus is the lord, there-by separating the native from the traits of the fourth house. Such a man may have to leave his place of birth for good. He is also over sexed.

Gemini in the Twelfth House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 12th and the 3rd houses. Both of these are bad houses. If Mercury is located in the 5th house, and is under the influence, by association or aspect of malefic planets only without the influence, by association or aspect of any benefic planets, the configuration would create “Vipreet Raja Yoga” for the native who will as a result of this highly useful yoga, gain immensely in finance, for the badness of the horoscope would be destroyed. Strong Mercury would give many younger sisters to the native. If Mercury is weak and afflicted one has to spend much on his younger brothers and sisters. If both the 12th house and it’s lord Mercury are aspected by malefic planets the life of the son of the native is cut short, Mercury the giver of quick results being the lord of the 8th house from that of the son, (5th).


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