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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 19


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Leo Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic

Benefic- Mars is the only benefic

Malefic- Mercury, Venus and Saturn

If Jupiter and Venus are connected with each other, no good will come out of such a yoga.

Jupiter and Mars, if connected with each other, great happiness will result.

If Saturn stands in 2nd or 7th, he will definitely become a Maraka. Benefic having death inflicting Dosha will prove Maraka for this Ascendant.

Planets for Leo Ascendant – Karaka and Maraka

Sun- Sun the chief among planets when lord of Ascendant is Yoga Karaka and gives very nice results if strong, in regard to health, wealth, fame and ruling powers. A weak Sun will give very little of wealth and may give bad name etc.

Moon- A Moon more than 72 degrees away from Sun and well aspected gives very good results in regard to finance. If weak and afflicted Moon may give much trouble in eyes and bring about dearth of money etc.

Mars- Being Yoga Karaka Mars if strong gives affluence, power, property and good luck. If weak these things are there in much less quantity.

Mercury- As lord of 2nd and 11th house it may badly effect health, but a strong Mercury is not bad for gains. If Mercury is weak it leads to loss of wealth, education and speech and may involve the elder sister of mother in trouble.

Jupiter- As lord of 5th house, where its Mooltrikona sign fall Jupiter gives good results in regard to wealth, competitive exam, progeny etc., provided Jupiter is strong. If weak it brings about absence of or trouble to son, loss to father, and ill luck.

Venus- Being lord of the 10th and 3rd house Venus is considered as malefic for this Ascendant. Hence a weak Venus is desirable from the financial point of view, But for friends, Younger Sisters the period is likely to be one of trouble.

Saturn- It has lordship of 6th and 7th house. As lord of the 7th angle it ceases to be malefic but as lord of the sixth it again becomes a malefic. Hence in its Major period and Sub period Saturn gives physical trouble, debts and losses denoted by the sixth house.

Yogas for Leo Ascendant

Y-1- - In the major Period of Mercury, there will be very good financial gains if Mercury, Sun and Mars are in Ascendant.

Y-2- Saturn becomes a Yoga Karaka for this Ascendant if both Saturn and Mars are placed in 12th.

Leo: Yogas from Bhavartha Ratnakar etc.

1. Sun-Mercury-Mars or Sun-Jupiter-Mercury conjunctions indicate wealth, whereas only a Sun-Mercury combination indicates moderate fortunes.

2. A Jupiter-Venus combine causes destruction of other yogas.

3. Venus can’t produce a yoga. However, he becomes a benefic when in Libra but a malefic when in Taurus.

4. If there’s a Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction in Ascendant, the Mercury dasa brings in much wealth.

5. The Saturn dasa will be fortunate if there’s a Saturn-Mars combination in Cancer.


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