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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 18


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Physical Characteristics

Good strong, well-formed back. Red lips and good colour. Generally a Sunny disposition, nose straight and short, giving appearance of up-tilted nostrils. Dignified poise, quick manner and walk.


Those which affect heart and back.

Way of Life

The Leo native is at his best in any sphere where his natural urges can be reasonably expressed. He is therefore better as a leader than a follower, better where a broad sweep is required rather than too close an application to detail, and where he can feel himself the king-pin, rather than a common rafter, and where his organizing ability is appreciated and not resented. He should be where a little showing off and publicity will be appropriate.


These should be gay and cheerful, including games and amateur acting. The Leo likes to spend money on his amusements and to entertain his friends. The theatre is much enjoyed.

Leo Ascendant – Sign and Houses

The lord of the Ascendant becomes the Sun. Such persons develop the traits and the qualities of Sun. When the Sun, is strong in the horoscope, such people become brave, influential, endowed with ruling powers, strong of heart and strong of bones. On the other hand, if their Sun is weak and afflicted by malefic influence, then the persons are put to much dishonor in life, have trouble in their eyes, are likely to suffer from heart trouble and troubles of the belly and are always opposed to the government of the day.

Virgo in the Second Houses. If Virgo is in the second house, Mercury becomes the lord of two houses of finance. It also becomes a planet of “Value” and “Plenty”. The influence of Mercury in such a case on a house and its lord will, therefore, enhance the value and prospects of that house and make it rich and of high quality. Strong Mercury unaffiliated gives much wealth. Such a person earns through “interest” on deposits etc. for the yoga indicates income (11th house), through “finance” (2nd house). Such a person has many elder sisters to his mother, as Mercury a female planet becomes lord of the second house. On the contrary if Mercury is weak and afflicted, by malefic through association or aspect, the native (a) gets hindrances in his education in boyhood (b) gets loss of wealth in early age (c) remains for some time away from his parents during the educational period (d) gets defect in his speech (e) gets an ugly face.

Libra in the Third House. When the sign Libra falls in the 3rd house, Venus becomes the lord of the 3rd and the 10th houses. Such a person uses his arms for the purpose of or for the benefit of the government of the day. If Saturn too is strong and is favourably situated from the 3rd house, the younger brother of the native (of course if he has one) rises to high position in life. A strong Venus for people with Leo as their ascendant is not conducive to wealth. For them it would be better, if they have a weak Venus, in order to have good finances.

Scorpio in the Fourth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 4th and 9th houses, when Scorpio falls in the 4th house. The fourth is an angle, while the 9th is a trine house. Hence by simultaneously owning a Kendra and a trine, Mars becomes a Raja Yoga karaka i.e. a planet of affluence and power, and in the event of being strong, by house and sign position, gives in its sub period high class results in regard to comforts wealth, honour, ruling powers, governmental favour, position, promotion etc. Such a person is very likely to gain from property. He is also happy because of the benefit that he gets from his father. If Mars is weak and afflicted, the father of the native meets his end while the native is still young, the reason being that Mars in such a case becomes the lord of two houses each of which represents longevity of father. An afflicted Mars denotes trouble in the scrotum of the native’s father, for Mars becomes the lord of both the 8th sign and the 8th house, counted from the house of the father.

Sagittarius in the Fifth House. If Jupiter is strong it bestows a son upon the native. If on the other hand if Jupiter is weak it denies son to the native, for the simple reason that weakness of Jupiter, means the weakness not only of the lord of the 5th house but also of the karaka of that house. A strong Jupiter gives high education and a good measure of intelligence. A weak and afflicted Jupiter spoils and married life of the elder sister to the native in as much as Jupiter becomes both the lord as well as the significator of the 7th house from the 11th, i.e., the house of the husband of the elder sister of the native.

Capricorn in the Sixth House. The younger brother of the mother of the native has harsh speech, for Saturn becomes the lord of the second house (Speech) from the 6th house. A strong Saturn is not conducive to wealth. Saturn located in the 8th or the 2nd house causes physical trouble to the native during its Dasa and bhukti. A strong Saturn of course indicates that there is a good number of younger sisters to the mother of the native.

Aquarius and the Seventh House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 6th and the 7th houses. Saturn is a bad planet for Leo nativities. The sub period of Saturn in the main ruling period of Venus destroys wealth as well as health, because both Saturn and Venus are enemies of the lord of the Ascendant. The wife in such cases generally belongs to a family, that is lower in status than that of the native, particularly in cases where Saturn is without the benefic influence of Jupiter Moon etc.

Pisces and the Eighth House. Jupiter becomes the lord of the 5th and the 8th houses. If Jupiter is strong he gains through his sons. If it is weak and afflicted one is liable to be disgraced at the hands of one’s own progeny. A strong Jupiter is conducive to longevity, while a weak one gives shoft life. A weak Jupiter and an afflicted 8th house give overseas travels.

Aries in the Ninth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 9th and the 4th houses i.e. it becomes simultaneously the lord of a trine and a angle. With stronger Mars, the wealthier, honoured and powerful, the native will become. This is a yoga that may be interpreted as conducive to property acquired luckily. The mother of the native will be long lived. He will raise high in life. He will also earn the good will of the govt. of the day. If in the horoscope any planet is extremely weak then the father of the native will have trouble in the limb denoted by the house, over which that planet has lordship, particularly when the house concerned is also weak.

Taurus in the Tenth House. Venus as the lord of an angle, ceases to remain a benefic planet, and becomes a malefic planet by virtue of the fact of the ownership of the 3rd house. The Dasa and bhukti of Venus is not conducive to wealth unless Venus is extremely weak. The bhukti i.e. the sub period of Venus in the main period of Saturn is particularly bad for the native as both Venus and Saturn would be enemies to Sun the lord of the Ascendant, If Venus is strong the native has contacts with the VIPs and is active in obtaining the approbation of people very high in position.

Gemini in the Eleventh House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 11th and the 2nd houses. Both of these houses represent wealth. Hence if Mercury is strong the native becomes rich. If the Sun and Mercury are together and both are aspected by Jupiter, the native becomes bold, courageous, respected and in the good books of the govt. He gains through rent, interest etc. If Mercury is weak and afflicted the native suffers financially through his elder brother or the elder sister. If Rahu or Ketu is situated in the 11th or the 2nd house and Mercury is located in the 5th or the 9th house in association with or under the aspect of benefic planets, the sub period of Mercury becomes instrumental in bringing a wind fall to the native in the shape of a lottery or a prize. If both the 11th house and Mercury are under the aspect of Mars there is likelihood of the life of the mother of the native being cut short.

Cancer in the Twelfth House. The lordship of Moon over the 12th house indicates that the subject is given to luxury and enjoyment, more particularly if Moon is linked by association etc. with the 1st and the 4th houses and their lords. If Moon is away from the Sun and is not weak by affliction it is treated as a benefic planet and increases the prospects of the house in which it is located. Moon does not suffer even as a result of her lordship of the 8th house, the worst house in the horoscope, and as such there is no likelihood of her suffering as a result of being the lord of the 12th house, which is after all not as bad as the 8th house. Besides Moon is like the Ascendant and as such if strong is a great boon.


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