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One must not condemn Love and Sex

Sex as we call is an expression. When love - care - respect - urge to be one dominates it is natural. When the urge to have relationship is related to show of power , lust (want of the physical sensation only) and domination it is a negative energy. What is required to control those thoughts that relate to the UNWANTED LABELS . In spirituality restraint of SEX is practiced as this is highest form, of control . This is negative WHEN SUPPRESSED - it will come out as anger or in other forms . Important is that when love manifests and makes YOU COMPASSIONATE let it be there . Transcending it or being indifferent if we are able to get in naturally it is excellent . Do not abstain from thoughts of love and being in a relationship. Thoughts have no power if not paid head - let the thoughts manifest and use this energy positively . As we are born through an union - then born and fed by the female energy - the urge has to be there like food - it is important to sublimate it and use it positively without the TAMSIK/RAJASWIK element as explained above. The importance is to be the enjoy_ er - enjoyed and then be STABLE / PEACEFUL using THIS FORCE to enhance compassion . Yes abstaining is a prescription which if you succeed in becoming unaffected by this energy in body - mind - soul it will give you immense concentration and makes you dwell in other powers that are within you - important is that you must TRANSCEND it which perhaps one in a billion may achieve it is the real sense - end to end .

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