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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 55


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Moon is in Sagittarius at birth

The native will be dwarfish, will have round eyes, big heart, waist and hands, be a good speaker, will have prominent shoulders and neck, will live near watery zone, will have knowledge of arts and secret affairs, be courageous, will possess strong bones, be very strong, will have strong neck and lips, be attached to his relatives, be grateful and distinguished. His legs will not be wider, when in position.

The Moon in Sagittarius in Aspect to Others

The person will be a king, be affluent, valorous, famous and will have incomparable happiness and conveyances.

Should Mars aspect the Moon in Sagittarius, the person will be an Army chief, will be very rich, fortunate, famous for his valor and will have a large working force.

If the Moon in Sagittarius is aspected by Mercury, one will have many servants, will be an expert astrologer and artist and be a skilful dancer.

If Jupiter aspects the Moon in Sagittarius, one will possess very attractive physique, be a kings minister and will be endowed with wealth, virtues and happiness.

Should Venus aspect the Moon in Sagittarius, the native will be happy, beautiful and fortunate, be endowed with sons, wealth and sexual desires and will have good friends and wife.

If Saturn aspects the Moon in Sagittarius, the person will be sweet in speech, will speak good words, will have wide knowledge of Shastras, be truthful, soft and be a kings man.

The Moon is in Capricorn at birth

If the Moon at birth be in Capricorn, the native will be a singer, will be averse to cold articles (or season), will have stout body, will be fond of truth and charity, be distinguished, famous, less irascible, be libidinous, unkind and shameless; will possess beautiful eyes and emaciated body, will violate teachers bed, be a poet, will have round thighs, be not very enthusiastic, be very miserly and will have long neck and ears.

The Moon in Capricorn in Aspect to Others

Should the Moon in Capricorn be aspected by the Sun at birth, one will be penniless, miserable, wandering-nature, interested in others work, dirty and clever.

If Mars aspects the Moon in Capricorn, one will enjoy abundant riches, be highly liberal, be fortunate, wealthy, will have conveyances and be brave.

If Mercury aspects the Moon in Capricorn, one will be dunce, be interested in living in other places, be bereft of wife, be fickle minded and be devoid of happiness and money.

Should Jupiter aspect the Moon in Capricorn at birth, the native will be a king, be incomparably brave, will have royal qualities and will possess many wives, children and friends.

If Venus aaspects the Moon in Capricorn, one will join others wives, be endowed with wealth, ornaments, conveyances, garlands etc., be blameworthy and be issueless.

If Saturn aspects the Moon in Capricorn one will be indolent, dirty, be endowed with money, be troubled by sexual feelings, will join others housewives and be untruthful.

The Moon is in Aquarius at birth

The person will have elevated nose, rough, or uneven body and stout hands and legs, will be addicted to intoxicants, will be averse to the virtuous, be not himself virtuous, will obtain illegal sons, will have stout head, ugly/diseased eyes, bright face and prominent waist, be an artisan, will have bad mentality, be miserable and will be very poor.

Should the Moon at birth be in Aquarius

When aspected by the Sun, one will be very dirty in disposition, be valorous, will be like a king in guise, be virtuous and be an agriculturist.

If Mars aspects the Moon in Aquarius, one will be quite truthful, will not inherit money from mother and elders, be indolent and mysterious and interested in others work.

If Mercury aspects the Moon in Aquarius, the native will be skilful in treating others well, while hosting them, will be proficient in music, will be liked by the fair sex and will possess less money and less happiness.

Should Jupiter aspect the Moon in Aquarius, the native will own villages, agriculture lands and trees, be endowed with superior castles and superior ladies and will be devoted to (sensual) enjoyment (Bhogi also means rich person, or a king).

If Venus aspects the Moon in Aquarius, the person will be base, issueless, friendless, timid, be censured by preceptors, be sinful, will have a bad wife and will be least happy.

Should the Moon in Aquarius have Saturn’s aspect, the native will have (prominent) nails and hair, be dirty, will seek union with other women, be a dunce, be irreligious and be rich possessing many immovable.

The Moon is in Pisces at birth

If the Moon is in Pisces, the native will be expert in fine arts, be capable of winning even unfavourable people, be learned in Shastras, beautiful bodied, proficient in music, very religious, will cohabit with many women, be a polite speaker, will serve the king, be somewhat irascible, will have a big head, be endowed with happiness and wealth, will be won over by the fair sex, be virtuous, be interested in sailing and be liberal.

The Moon in Pisces in Aspect to Others

If the Moon posited in Pisces is aspected by the Sun, the native will be highly libidinous, be happy, be an Army chief, be very affluent and will have delighted wife.

If Mars aspects the Moon in Pisces, the person will be insulted, be devoid of happiness, is an unchaste womans son, will be interested in sins and will be valorous.

He will be a king, if the Moon in Pisces is aspected by Mercury; will be highly intelligent, be happy and will be surrounded by supreme females and be controlled by them.

If Jupiter aspects the Moon in Pisces, he will be beautiful, fierce, head of a district, be very affluent, beautiful and will be surrounded by many women.

If Venus aspects the Moon in Pisces, he will be skilful in coition, interested in dance, instrumental music and songs and will steal the hearts of the fair sex.

Should Saturn aspect the Moon in Pisces, he will be deformed, be unfavourable to mother, be sexually distressed, be devoid of sons; wife and intelligence and will be attached to mean and ugly females.

When Results to Mature

If the Lord of the Moon Sign, the Moon sign itself and the Moon are all endowed with strength, the said effects will fully come to pass. The effects will vary according to positions, like debilitation, exaltation etc. (of the dispositor and the aspecting planet).

Thus these natures and characters of men have been described from the power of the Moon in the signs. That sign which is strongly aspected by its own lord gives the same result as has been described.

If the planets are in their own houses, in their friends houses, in upacaya places, or in their exaltations, and are aspected by very strong planets, then the signs which are not combined with the malefic planets are not injurious in nativities.

The sign in the ascendant is called the base of the nativity; its nature has various qualities and they are to be determined by means of influences of the same strengths, whatever powers there are from a prior consideration (?). If the lord of the ascendant is at its highest strength, the native always receives his qualities from the ascendant; because of this, among the places, the ascendant is always called ``the soul’’; therefore, pay attention to its natures.


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