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Today's Astral Energy

The astral energy of July, 13, 12 SAYS - Time to evaluate relationships and love - perhaps those in discomfort zone may take action either way - get more closer or break away.

Thought For The Day - There is a word MAYA OR ILLUSION which is said to be the reason of all MENACE - this is NOTHING but an AGITATED MIND - MAYA means a state where you are disconnected to the PLEASURE FROM THE SOURCE of your DOING/ACT - try CALMING YOUR MIND - LESS THOUGHTS & LESS AGITATION WITHIN will make you travel the path of PEACE & HAPPINESS - essence is to STILL your mind - thoughts - feelings - it will give YOU HAPPINESS WITHIN AND REDUCE THE STRIVING OF FINDING HAPPINESS FROM EXTERNAL OBJECTS / STIMULUS - meditation or call self introspection is the KEY - try it slowly and in small doses but with regularity - it will help - do tell me - a lady who has gone through HELL in personal life - she told me that sitting calmly and in whatever time she got she connected herself to the ALMIGHTY above - gave her immense strength and understanding of her mistakes/life pattern/ way to move ahead ---- .

Shanker Adawal

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