Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 54


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Moon is in Virgo at birth

The one will be addicted to women, will have long hands, attractive body and face, beautiful teeth, eyes and ears, be learned, be a religious preceptor (teaching Vedas etc.), be an eloquent speaker, be truthful and pure, valorous, be kind of living beings, be interested in others affairs, be of forgiving disposition, be fortunate, will have more daughters, but not many sons.

The Moon in Virgo in Aspect to Others

The native will be in charge of royal wealth, be famous, will keep up his word and perform distinguished acts.

If Mars aspects the Moon posited in Virgo, the subject will be skilful in mechanical, or fine arts (of 64 kinds), be famous, affluent, disciplined, courageous and will be inauspicious for mother.

Should it be Mercury, that lends aspect to the Moon in Virgo, the native will be expert in astrology and literature, be successful in disputes/quarrels and be highly skilful to a surprising extent.

If Jupiter aspecting the Moon in Virgo indicates, that the native will be supreme among his relatives, be happy, will carry out royal duties, will keep up his word and will be endowed with wealth.

If Venus aspects the Moon in Virgo, the person will have many wives, be endowed with many kinds of cosmetics, pleasures and wealth and will always be blessed with fortunes.

The Moon in Virgo aspected by Saturn indicates, that the native will not have firm memory, will suffer from poverty, will not have happiness, will be bereft of mother, will be at the disposal of women (or be controlled by them) and will derive wealth through females.

The Moon is in Libra at birth

The native will have elevated nose, broad eyes, will have weak (not prominent) face and emaciated body, will have many wives, many bulls (cattle) and abundant landed property, be valorous, will have testicles resembling that of an ox, be skillful in work, will honour Gods and the wise, be endowed with various kinds of wealth, will be conquered by females, will have an emaciated body (this is a repetition), will donate corns, will not be firm in disposition and will be helpful to his relatives.

The Moon in Libra in Aspect to Others

If the Moon is in Libra and is aspected by the Sun, the person will be bereft of wealth, be diseased, will wander here and there, be insulted, be bereft of enjoyment, sons and strength.

If Mars aspects the Moon in Libra, the person will be sharp, be a thief, be mean, adulterous, will enjoy scents and garlands, be wise and will suffer from eye diseases.

If Mercury aspects the Moon in Libra, the subject will be skilful in arts, will have abundant riches and grains, will be an auspicious speaker, be highly learned and be famous in his country.

Should Jupiter aspect the Moon in Libra, the person will be always worshipped and be skilful in sales and purchases of gems etc.

If Venus lends his aspect to the Moon in Libra, one will be beautiful, be free from sickness, fortunate, strong bodied, be learned and will have knowledge of many means.

Should Saturn aspect the Moon in Libra, the native will be very affluent, be sweet in speech, be endowed with conveyances, be very much interested in sexual affairs, be devoid of happiness and be favourable to his mother.

The Moon is in Scorpio at birth

The one will be a miser, will have round (well grown) thighs, coarse physique and nose, will be cruel in acts, be a thief, be sick in childhood, will have spoiled chin and nails, but beautiful eyes, will be plentiful, industrious, skilful, fond of others housewives, devoid of relatives, insane (or infatuated with passion), valorous, will lose wealth due to royal wrath and will have a big abdomen and a big head.

The Moon in Scorpio in Aspect to Others

If the Moon at birth is in Scorpio and aspected by the Sun, the native will hate people (i.e. will not be friendly with others), be learned, wandering nature and rich, but will not be happy.

Should Mars aspect the Moon in Scorpio, the native will have incomparable courage, be equal to a king, be endowed with wealth, be valorous, unconquerable in battle and be a voracious eater.

If Mercury aspects the Moon in Scorpio, the person will not be skilful, be hard in speech, will obtain twins, be tricky, will produce fictitious things and be an expert singer.

If Jupiter lends aspect to the Moon in Scorpio, the native will be interested in performing his duties, will be biased towards people, be wealthy and be beautiful.

If Venus aspects the Moon in Scorpio, the native will be highly intelligent, be fortunate, be endowed with riches, conveyances and beauty and will lose strength on account of women.

If Saturn aspects the Moon in Scorpio, the native will have base sons, be a talebearer, be sick, poor and untruthful.


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