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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 53


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Moon is in Gemini at birth

The person will have prominent nose and dark eyes, will be skillful in the art of love, poetry etc., will enjoy sexual pleasures, will have lines of fish in the palm, will be fond of worldly enjoyments, will be sinewy, be very intelligent, splendourous, be endowed with happiness, jocular disposition and eloquent speech, be won over by the females, will have a long body, will befriend neuters and will have two mothers.

If the Moon is in Gemini at birth and is aspected by the Sun, the native will be quite learned, be splendourous, very beautiful, be charitable, be very miserable and be not rich.

If Mars lends aspect to the Moon in Gemini, the person will be very valorous, very learned, be endowed with happiness, conveyances, wealth and beauty. This is certain.

The Moon in Gemini aspected by Mercury makes one skillful in producing money, always successful and inviolable king.

If Jupiter aspects the Moon in Gemini, one will be a teacher of Shastras, be famous, truthful, very beautiful, honourable and be an eloquent speaker.

If Venus aspects the Moon in Gemini, the person will be endowed with the company of supreme females, garlands, robes, conveyances, ornaments and jewels and will be sportive.

Should Saturn aspect the Moon in Gemini, the subject will be devoid of relatives, wife, happiness and wealth and will be inimical to the public.

The Moon is in Cancer at birth

The native will be fortunate, valorous, be endowed with residence, friends, journeys and astrological knowledge, be sensuous, grateful, be a minister, be truthful will live abroad, be passionate, hair-bodied, fond of water and flowers, interested in construction of houses, wells etc. and will have a prominent neck.

The Moon in Cancer in Aspect to Others

Should the Moon be in her House at birth and be aspected by the Sun, the native will be in the employment of King, be not rich, be a letter-bearer and will protect forts (i.e. will be a security officer in royal service).

If the Moon in Cancer is aspected by Mars, the subject will be valorous, be deformed, will prove ominous to his mother and be skilful in his jobs.

Should Mercury lend his aspect to the Moon in Cancer, he will be spirited in disposition, be endowed with political wisdom, wealth, wife and sons, will be a kings minister and be happy.

If Jupiter aspecting the Moon in her own House indicates, that the person will be a king, be endowed with royal qualities, be happy, will have a good wife, will behave well, be modest and valorous.

If Venus aspects the Moon in Cancer, the subject will be endowed with money, gold, wife, robes and jewels, be head of prostitutes and be splendorous.

Should Saturn aspect the Cancer-posited Moon, he will be of wandering disposition, be miserable, very poor, be a liar, a sinner and be mean.

The Moon is in Leo at birth

The one will have study bones, sparse hair, wide face, small and yellowish eyes, will hate women, will suffer from hunger and thirst, will incur stomach disorders and tooth-decay, will eat flesh, be charitable, harsh, will have few sons, will seek sexual union in forests and hills, be respectfully disposed to his mother, will have broad chest, be valorous, dutiful and will have majestic looks.

Should the Moon be in Leo

In aspect to the Sun, the native will be equal to a king, will have excellent qualities and majestic voice, will be valorous, be fond of intoxicants and be widely famous.

If Mars aspects the Moon in Leo he will be an Army chief, will have excellent wife, sons, wealth and conveyances and be superior among people.

Should Mercury aspect the Moon in Leo one will be endowed with the characteristics of a female and also the grace akin to that of a female, will be in the custody of females, will serve females and will enjoy money, happiness and pleasures.

If Jupiter aspects the Moon in Leo, one will be excellent among his caste-men, be wide-famed, highly virtuous and will equal a king.

Should Venus aspect the Moon in Leo, one will possess a wife, wealth and high knowledge, be sickly disposed, will be a females servant and be skilful in sexual union.

If the Moon in Leo is aspected by Saturn, the person will be an agriculturist, be not wealthy, be a liar, will protect forts, be devoid of happiness from wife and be mean.


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