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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 52


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of Moon in Various Rasis

Let us describe the configurations of the Moon in the signs, which govern the natural forms and innate states of men; the Moon together with each one (of the signs) produces these configurations when it is strong and in the house of a strong planet.

The Moon in Aries

Should the Moon be in Aries, the native will have a golden coloured body, will be endowed with lasting wealth, be devoid of co-born, be valorous, self-respected, auspicious, prosperous, libidinous, will have weak legs, ugly nails and little hair, be fickle-minded, will consider honour as wealth, will possess hands and legs, like the lotus, (i.e. these will be lotus-red), will have more sons, round eyes, be friendly, be afraid of getting into watery places, like river, well etc.), will have wounds on the head and be won over by females.

The Moon in Aries in Aspect to others

If the Moon is in Aries at birth and be in aspect to the Sun, the native will be quite irascible, be honoured by the king, be soft, be valorous and fond of war.

If the Moon in Aries is aspected by Mars, the person will suffer from diseases of eyes and teeth, will have wounds caused by arrows (or horse/cow etc.) and will suffer windy diseases and urinary disorders.

Should Mercury aspect the Moon in Aries, the native will teach various disciplines, will possess good speech, will achieve his desires, be a great poet and be widely famous.

If Jupiter aspects the Moon in Aries, the person will be endowed with servants and abundant riches and be a king, or a kings minister.

When Venus aspecting the Moon in Aries denotes, that the subject will be lucky, be endowed with sons and wealth, will own (i.e. marry) a supreme lady and costly ornaments and will not eat much.

The Moon in Aries aspected by Saturn indicates, that the native will be jealous, miserable to a great extent, be very poor, dirty and untruthful.

The Moon is in Taurus at birth

The native will be large-hearted, highly charitable, shorthaired, libidinous, famous, brilliant, will have (more) daughters, will possess eyes resembling that of a bull, be in a position to differentiate between good and bad, be happy during middle and concluding parts of his life, will have strong waist, feet, shoulders, face etc., will have (some) identity on the side and back of the body, will walk beautifully and be endowed with forbearance.

Should the Moon be in Taurus and be in aspect to the Sun, the native will be a farmer, be very industrious, be very rich with servants and quadrupeds and will lend money on interest.

If Mars aspects the Moon in Taurus, the subject will be highly libidinous, will lose his wife and friends on account of another lady, will steal the heart of the fair sex and will prove adverse for the mother.

Should the said Moon be in aspect to Mercury, the native will be highly learned, will know the code of speech, be of pleasing disposition, be dear to everyone and will uncomparably be of good qualities.

If Jupiter aspects the Moon in Taurus, the native will have long living wife and children and lasting wealth, be respectfully disposed to his parents, be virtuous and very famous.

Should Venus aspect the Moon in Taurus, one will be endowed with ornaments, conveyances and houses and will possess comforts of sleeping and sitting, scents, robes, garlands etc.

If it is Saturn, that aspects the Moon in Taurus, one will be devoid of wealth, be inauspicious for mother and wife and will be endowed with sons, friends and relatives.

Should the Moon be in the first half of Taurus, the mother of the native is not long-lived.

Similarly the father is short-lived, if the Moon occupies the second half of Taurus.


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