Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 39


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The 12 Exoteric Explanation for Houses

1. Creation, 2. Connection, 3. Nutrition, 4. Coronation, 5. Recollection, 6. Conservation, 7. Destruction, 8. Aspiration, 9. Transmutation, 10. Liberation, 11. Attraction, 12. Fusion.

Exotic Meanings of the 12th Houses

Exotic Meanings of Houses 1st-Creation, Life

Vitality, Destiny, Dharma, Karma, Fortune, Ego, Temperament, Innate Tendencies, Self-Expression, Physical Constitution, Physical Looks, Dress, Immediate Environment, Present, Infancy, Resurrection, Reawakening, Dawn, Temperate Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 2nd-connection, War

Agony, Death, Poisons, Beasts, Monsters, Nightmares, Hallucinations, Torments, Temptations, Violence, Darkness, Degeneration, Putrefaction, Crucifixion, Savagery, Desires, Lusts, Appetites, Conquests, Ravings, Spiritual Quest, Regeneration, Between Good and Evil, Will to Power, the Superhuman, Dangerous Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 3rd-nutrition, Relatives

Brothers/Sisters, Other Blood Relatives, Neighbours, Friends, Groups, Clubs, Fraternities, Clans, Tribes, Nations, Close Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 4th-coronation, Home

Houses, Palaces, Temples, Laboratories, Caves, Mines, Retreats, Refuges, Jails, Tombs, Crematoriums, Lands, Roots, Treasures, Property, Money, Capital, Investments, Atavisms, Ancestry, Traditions, Mysteries Secrets, Magic, Religion, ESP, Past, Last Years of Existence, Downfall, Father, Midnight, Desolate Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 5th-recollection, Creations

Childbirths, Children, Disciples, Youths, Loves, Flirts Hobbies, Games, Baths, Distractions Entertainments, Carnal / Mental / Emotional / Spiritual / Astral Pleasures, Starry Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 6th-conservation, Health

Diseases, Hygiene, Hospitals, Clinics, Spas, Madhouses, Asylums, Charity, Pity, Service, Servitude, Servants, Secret Enemies, Domesticated Animals, Underdeveloped Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 7th-destruction, Death

Strife’s, Clashes, Separations, Divorces, Wounds, Purifications, Unions, Marriage Partner, Associations, Associates, Consummation, Synthesis, Unity, Open Enemies, Litigations, Divinity, Cosmic Consciosness, Ecstasies Samadhi, Yoga, Zen, Pantheism, Dusk, Tropical Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 8th-aspiration, Sex

Erotic, Longevity, Wills, Inheritances, Generation, Fertilization, Germination, Seeding, Transfusion, Sacrifice, Genesis, Electro-magnetism, Initiation, Awakening, Awareness, Transformation, Tantra, Paradisiacal Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 9th-transmutation, Education

Schools, Universities, Thoughts, Writings, Publications, Communication, Publicity, Teachers, Guides, Travels, Moves, Far Away Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 10th-liberation, Status

Profession, Vocation, Mission, Business, Fame, Honours, Dignities, Privileges, Objectives, Accomplishments, Climaxes, Meetings, Assemblies, Government Rule, Public Relations, Social Environment, Future, Mother, Midday, Civilized Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 11th-attraction, Hopes

Wishes, Dreams, Faiths, Banners, Principles, Codes, Laws, Beliefs, Ideals, Transcendent Visions/Thoughts/Actions, Divine Areas.

Exoteric Meanings of House 12th-fusion, Trials

Work, Hard Labour, Duty, Sufferings, Hurts, Woes, Efforts, Obligations, Discoveries, Experiments, Failures, Triumphs, Rewards, Attainments, Spiritual Graduations/Reaping, Foods, Developed Areas.


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