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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 40


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of Planets in various Bhavas

1. In order, that the effects of physique etc. for the various human beings are understood, Let us explain below things relating to (various) Bhavas (of a horoscope) in a specific manner.


P-1- The Sun in the Ascendant denotes, that the native will have less hair (on the head), be lazy infunction, given to anger, will have prominent personality, be honourable, will have weak sight and coarse physique, be courageous, impatient and unkind.

Since it is fiery planet it gives bilious nature, the person will be short sighted. Other qualities are success in politics, danger to life at 3rd year. He will be unkind, courageous; excess of heat is given to the individual.

If the Ascendant is Cancer and is occupied by the Sun, the native will have swollen eyes, if it be Aries with Sun therein, his sight will be weak and in Leo the Sun makes him night-blind. One suffers poverty and loss of children, if the Sun occupies Libra.

P-2- Sun in 2nd. If the Sun is in the 2nd Bhava, the native will be endowed with servants and quadrupeds, will suffer facial diseases, will be deprived of happiness and wealth and will lose money through royal displeasure, or through thieves.

Hot temper, Adamant, less of money deformed face, defective sight, trouble from Government, Benefic should, aspect this house for good education, malefic aspect and position have trouble for education, family and money.

P-3- Should the Sun be in 3rd, the native will be valorous, strong, will lose co-born, and be dear to people, good-looking, very learned and will conquer his enemies.

Courageous, less or no brothers, gives great wealth, successful life.

P-4- Should the Sun be in 4th, the native will be devoid of conveyances and relatives, will suffer heart diseases, will destroy paternal house and wealth and will serve a bad king.

Trouble from relation, danger to mother, devoid of happiness, success in outside place, trouble from education, bad character.

P-5- If the Sun occupies the 5th, the native will be bereft of happiness, sons and wealth, will live by husbandry, will move in hills and fortresses, be fickle-minded, scholarly, devoid of strength and be short-lived.

Few children, straight body, danger to father, Reckless towards his cast and creed.

P-6- If the Sun is in 6th, the native will be very libidinous; will have powerful digestive fire (capable of digesting fast), be strong, affluent, famous for virtues and be either a king, or an Army chief.

Licentious, courageous, good tradition, eye trouble, highly intellectual.

P-7- If the Sun is posited in 7th, the native will be poor, insulted, will suffer bodily diseases, royal displeasures and imprisonment, will take to bad ways and will not be well-disposed to his wife.

Loose character, delayed matrimony, disliked by women, more travels and many famine connections.

P-8- If the Sun occupies the 8th, the native will have deformed eyes, be devoid of wealth and happiness, be short-lived and will suffer separation from his relatives.

Long eye, less number of issues, weak health, eye trouble, unkind.

P-9- If the Sun occupies the 9th, the native will be endowed with wealth, children and friends, will be very interested in worshipping Gods and Brahmins, will not be well-disposed towards his father and wife and be not calm.

Danger to father, little wealth from parents, and some disease connected with gland, all self acquired wealth, charitable nature.

P-10- Should the Sun be in 10th, the native will be extremely intelligent, rich, strong and will be endowed with conveyances, relatives and sons, will succeed in his undertakings, be valorous, unconquerable and great.

Well known, acquires wealth, good health, education, tastes, governmental or political status, good children, magnanimous personality.

P-11- Should the Sun be in 11th, one will be interested in gathering money, be strong, will hate others, be devoid of servants, be himself a servant, be devoid of affection, be modest and will be successful in undertakings.

Great wealth, vehicles, good reputation, Man of conduct, and good principle, healthy, will be happy, powerful enemies.

P-12- If the Sun is in 12th at birth, he will have a deformed physique, be one-eyed, fallen (morally), will marry a barren lady, be inimical to his father, weak and mean.

Poverty, thieving, devoid of character, bad reputation is likely.


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