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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 38


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Further discussion on significations:

Ketu: Absorption, intake, inflow, reception, inhalation. One receives through Ketu the vibrations of others and of the universe itself. High losses, also results. It is humiliation, disintegration, surrender, fall and disease at its worst. It is the point of contact with the foulest, basest and most corrupt and insane thoughts, actions, desires and circumstances. A planet in conjunction with Ketu is downgraded and weakened. It represents what is old, ancient, anachronistic, grotesque, sordid, dark, sinister and fatal. It is the killer and the murdered too. It is impotence or flaccidity whereas Rahu is fertilization and erection. It is a vulgar point, a Saturn and Neptune point, a Karmic point. A Ketu transit is always difficult and a Ketu Dasa or bhukti signals an unhappy period unless we practice detachment.

Ketu, and South Node or Tail of the Dragon, which is under Neptune’s and Saturn’s ruler ships, means the ideal, the concept. It is the theory and the past. If you want to find out from where the subject extracts the seeds and juices of his dreams, seeking and efforts, see in which constellation or sign and house his South Node resides. Ketu represents the abstract, spiritual, non-material and divine aspect of the individual, and not necessarily misfortune, obstacle and delay, though often misery and suffering shall be present-this is another instance of how Astrology should clear itself of negative and limited “Saturn traits” undertones and convert itself into a new, open, brave, dynamic and smiling science for good seers! So, in a sense, the South Node connects us to the air, the ether, paranormal manifestations, and the vertical kingdom of the spirit, theurgist and the God. While, on the other side, the North Node makes us intimate with the earth, plants, animals and minerals, instincts and sensations, the horizontal kingdom of matter, sexuality and money. The South Node points to Saturn, Neptune and Moon, its esoteric reflection, whereas, the North Node pointing towards Jupiter, and Sun, as its esoteric reflection.

The symbol of Ketu is Serpent, subtlety and secrecy, indolence and all the inferior aspects of a man’s nature are caused or determined by Ketu, one thing however is important. Because Ketu is a part of Rahu, yet not a part of it, but the other side to it, it represents ascetic. And if aspected by beneficial planet it goes to the farthest length of it by giving the native (of course if well-placed particularly in the 12th house) ultimate self-realisation.

Traits and characteristics of Ketu:

The qualities and traits of Ketu are like those of Mars. Ketu like Mars is “Firy” in nature. If Ketu is influencing any house together with any other fiery planets, such as Mars and Sun, the relation or the limb etc. involved will catch fire or get injured. For example if the combined fiery influence is noticed on the second house, one gets his or her face burnt.

If Ketu is located with a benefic planet in dignity i.e., in it’s own house, it boosts the qualities, good or bad, of the house in which such a combination takes place. For example if Ketu is with Venus in Libra in the 2nd house it makes the person very rich. The same combination occurring in the 9th house would denote that the person concerned is highly lucky and is in the very good books of the government, if it takes place in the third home, he is very courageous and brave with mighty power. Hitler who had Ketu with Jupiter in dignity in the third house is known in history for his mighty force with which he had well nigh conquered the whole world.

As already stated Ketu like Rahu is known for giving unexpected results and acts like a shadowy planet i.e., gives the effects of the planet with which associated. For example, Ketu is situated with a yoga karaka planet (a planet that is simultaneously the lord of a trine and a square) then the planet that is the lord of the sign occupied by Ketu will give affluence, wind falls etc, such as the gain of a lottery or a prize in it’s sub period in the Vimsottari Dasa.

In Tantra Rahu, the Sun-animus (Siva), and Ketu, the Moon anima (Sakti), are always opposite each other, sometimes entwined lovingly, sometimes full of bitterness, but never indifferent to each other. It is the very ambition of the Yogi and the Yogini to unite internally and with might the 2 poles of life-the 2 polar stars, one visible (Rahu), the other invisible to the naked eye (Ketu), exactly opposite to each other in the firmament-and to join them with their own internal Zenith. Like an indivisible union, the Yogi and his Yogini should carry this stellar Feat between their eyebrows as 2 flaming spiritual beacons.

Another meaning which can be ascribed to the two Lunar Nodes is the erotic one. The form of Rahu reminds us of an erect penis. That of Ketu, a resting penis. When it is erect, like the fiery plumed serpent Kundalini, it is utilizing and discharging its excited and accumulated energy and this energy, which can be not only sexual, but also mental, emotional, psychic and metaphysical. All contacts, and above all erotic contacts, imply maximum sensitivity, maximum concentration and maximum delight. When the penis has rested with or without orgasm it is ready to absorb and receive what new “foods” might be consumed again. The same can be said for the clitoris, which is actually a dominate female penis or for the sensorial centres located in the vulva and vagina. In fact it seems that women are much more sexual than men, much more absorbing and magnetic, and much more unsatisfied and demanding. This is astrologically correct because it follows the principle we have just applied to Ketu.

In Nature, the law of polarity, systole-diastole, activity-passivity, yin-yang, acquires a key relevance in regards to sexuality. This explains the importance that has been given to the yang phase (erection-excitation moistness-wetness-sensitivity-attack-valorisation-fermentation – ignition illumination-release-emission-sprinkling) as well as they in phase (rest-pause-peace-tenderness-silence-remembering-meditation-o sleep-laissez-faire). It is not just a coincidence that in magic so much importance is given to the yin phase that corresponds to Ketu or South Node: because it precedes the yang phase of Rahu or North Node. Therefore the values of rest, contemplation, meditation, silence, hearing, and, by analogy, chastity and continence are well known. All operations of magic and sorcery require a previous period of continence. Continence is good, necessary, healthy and intelligent, as long as it is used for energetic ends and not for selfish or neurotic ones. Prudery is unhealthy and stupid. Sensual, rhythmic and directed continence is simply celestial and serves to promote mental control.

In the Puranas, it is only the cruel and the envious who spill venom on sex, beauty and innocence.


Shanker Adawal

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