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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 43


Dr. Shanker Adawal


P-1- Should Mercury occupy the Ascendant, the native will have a flawless physique, be intelligent, will know proper (beneficial) place and time, be well-versed in poetry and mathematics, be a skillful and sweet speaker and be long-lived.

Learned, interest in occult science, calculation, and long lived, poet, high respects.

P-2- If Mercury is in the 2nd, the native will earn wealth through his own wisdom, will enjoy food and drinks, be auspicious in speech and will have good course of conduct.

Many children, good speech, wealthy, religious, steady success.

P-3- If Mercury occupies the 3rd, the native will always toil hard, be devoid of near and dear, skilful, endowed with co-born, very cunning and fickle-minded.

Happy life, fortune in women’s circle, many brothers, often cruel.

P-4- If Mercury is in 4th, the native will be endowed with money and relatives, be fortunate, will have conveyances, all paraphernalia and relatives and be very learned.

Learned, good mother, very flexible, active mind, polite, good character.

P-5- If Mercury occupies the 5th, the native will be an expert in Mantras (sacred spells) and Abhicara (malevolent spells), will have many sons, be endowed with learning, happiness and efficacy and be delighted.

Danger to maternal uncle, sickly parents, fond of luxury.

P-6- If Mercury occupies the 6th, the native will always be successful in litigations and disputes, will contract diseases, be indolent, not given to anger, be harsh in speech and much insulted.

Hurdles in education, danger to mother, no foes-destroys foes and flourishes.

P-7- If Mercury is in 7th, the native’s wife will be very learned, beautiful in appearance, will not be of good descent, will promote quarrels and be very affluent. The native himself will be very great.

Highly interested in philosophy, happy mother, very passionate, charitable.

P-8- If Mercury occupies the 8th, the native will win famous names (titles), be strong, long-lived, will support his family and be equal to a king, or will become a justice.

Long life, loss issues, good property, helpful nature.

P-9- If Mercury occupies the 9th, the native will be very affluent, scholarly, of good conduct or habits, be eloquent in speech, skilful of a great order and be virtuous.

Highly successful and enjoyable life, fond of music, many issues, highly licentious.

P-10- If Mercury occupies the 10th, the native will possess distinguished intelligence, will perform distinguished acts, will attain fruition in undertakings, be very learned, courageous, strong and will be endowed with various kinds of ornaments.

Fortunate, good enjoyment in life, good name, founder of many institutions, an astrologer, a lawyer, a banker, a mathematician, a sage in after life, highly intelligent.

P-11- If Mercury occupies the 11th, the native will be rich, be an amicable worker, be learned, happy and endowed with wide enjoyments, be long-lived and famous.

Wealthy, many properties, mathematical acumen.

P-12- Should Mercury be in the 12th, the native will be able to keep up his promise, be indolent, be humiliated, be a good speaker, be learned, pitiable and cruel.

Loose character, few issues, living on others.


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