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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 44


Dr. Shanker Adawal


P-1- If Jupiter occupies the 1st, the native will be attractive in appearance, energetic, long-lived, will act after assessing consequences, be learned, courageous and great.

Great linguist, many children, public social life, long happy life, great respect, stout and majestic figure.

P-2- Jupiter in the 2nd. If Jupiter occupies the 2nd, the native will be rich, will enjoy good food, be an eloquent speaker, be fortunate, be charitable and will have a beautiful body and face.

Fine speech, wealthy, witty, fine eyes, good wife or partner, enjoyable life, good relative circle.

P-3- If Jupiter occupies the 3rd, the native will be greatly humiliated, be vile, ever successful, will have digestive deficiencies, be defeated by women and be sinful in acts.

Minister or, many brothers, much of self interest, good for agriculture.

P-4- If Jupiter occupies the 4th, the native will be endowed with relatives, paraphernalia, conveyance, happiness, intelligence, pleasures and wealth, be great and be a source of misery to his enemies.

Rich highly educated good to mother, many conveyances, many houses and vehicles, helper for relatives.

P-5- If Jupiter occupies the 5th, the native will have abundant happiness, many sons and friends, be learned, courageous, wealthy and will always be happy.

Very handsome, good eyes, very intelligent, trouble for having issues when weak, success will be for sons.

P-6- If Jupiter is in the 6th, the native will lack digestive fire and masculine virile, be humiliated, weak, indolent, will become famous on account of females, will destroy his enemies and be widely famous.

Better than father in wealth, rich marriage, good marriage, good name, foe less, large family, licentious.

P-7- If Jupiter occupies the 7th, the native will be charming, will acquire a beautiful wife, be greater than his father, be an eloquent speaker, a poet, a superior person and be learned and famous.

Hurdle for father in acquiring wealth and good property.

P-8- If Jupiter occupies the 8th, the native will be insulted, long-lived, be a servant, will serve his own people, be pitiable and will have union with dirty women.

Low minded, given to drinks, looses partner bad habits, long life, having others money.

P-9- If Jupiter is in 9th, the native will be attached to divine and paternal duties, be learned, fortunate, be a kings minister, or a leader and be chief.

Charitable, many issues, long life to father, educated, highly educated.

P-10- If Jupiter occupies the 10th, the native will attain successful beginning in his undertaking, be honourable, effortful and will be endowed with abundant welfare, happiness, wealth, relatives, conveyances and fame.

Learned, respect, and honour, many children, given to teaching, steady gains, many servants.

P-11- If Jupiter occupies the 11th, the native will enjoy many gains, many conveyances and many servants, be virtuous, but will have limited education and few sons.

Profession of Music, wealthy, help from older brothers.

P-12- If Jupiter occupies the 12th, the native will be indolent, odious, de devoid of speech and luck and will be in all probability in servitude.

Unkind, poor, few issues, too much sex seeker of prostitute.


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