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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 42


Dr. Shanker Adawal


P-1- If Mars occupies the Ascendant, the native will be cruel, adventurous, dull-witted, short-lived, honourable, courageous, will have an injured physique, be attractive in appearance and fickle-minded.

Scar on the body, stout body, danger to body at time to father, fair complexion.

P-2- If Mars occupies the 2nd, the native will be poor, will eat bad food, will possess an ugly face, will join bad men and be bereft of learning.

Short temper, irresponsible, hurdles for education, immoral, lands or property from father, rough talks.

P-3- If Mars be in 3rd, the native will be courageous, unconquerable, bereft of co-born, be delighted, will have all virtues and be famous.

Few brothers, very courageous, sexy nature, unpopular, many cousins.

P-4- If Mars is posited in 4th, the native will be devoid of relatives, paraphernalia and conveyances, be very miserable, will live in others houses and be distressed.

Danger to parents, domestic troubles, little conception trouble from woman.

P-5- If Mars occupies the 5th, the native will be devoid of happiness, wealth and sons, be fickle minded, be a talebearer, will incur evils, be wicked, distressed and mean.

Issueless, bad name, trouble from Government, danger to father.

P-6- If Mars occupies the 6th, the native will be highly libidinous, will have powerful digestive fire, be beautiful, tall, strong and great among his relatives.

Wealthy, many foes, good political life, success over enemies, secret enemies.

P-7- If Mars is posited in 7th, the native will lose his wife, will suffer from diseases, and will take to bad ways, be miserable, sinful, devoid of wealth, distressed and emaciated.

Defective health of the partner, many brothers and maternal uncles, diseases in the hand.

P-8- If Mars occupies the 8th, the native will suffer from diseases, be short-lived, will possess an ugly, or deformed body, will do base acts and will suffer grief.

Loss issues, short life, loose his wife, danger to father or father or grand father.

P-9- If Mars occupies the 9th, the native will not be skillful in acts, be odious, will kill living creatures, be not virtuous, be very sinful and honoured by the king.

Loss from Agriculture, trouble to father, cruel mind, business life, helped by other.

P-10- If Mars occupies the 10th, the native will be proficient in his acts, be valorous, unconquerable, will serve important people, be endowed with sons and happiness and be very courageous.

Very Intelligent, sound body, famous, self made property, political life, fond of adventure.

P-11- If Mars occupies the 11th, the native will be virtuous, happy, courageous, endowed with wealth, grains and sons and be devoid of sorrow.

Learned, many properties, elder brothers, self acquired property.

P-12- Should Mars be in 12th, the native will have diseased eyes, will fall in moral sense, and will kill his wife, be a talebearer, be fierce and will contract and imprisonment.

Weak body, bad habits, loss of popularity by fall into evil ways, poor, loss of life also.


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