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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 32


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Essential Planetary Principles


(The Son of Sun, the Lame, the Yama, the father of Gulika and Mandi).

Saturn is binding, cold (ruling the cold months of mid-January to mid-March the solar Nirayana signs of Capricorn and Aquarius). The Positive (Moolatrikona) house is Aquarius and the negative is Capricorn. He is opposed to his father-the Sun-and rules the houses of his fall. He is exalted in the sign of Libra, where his father is debilitated. Conversely Saturn is debilitated in the sign of Aries, where the Sun is exalted. Saturn’s friendly signs are Gemini and Virgo (ruled by Mercury) Taurus and Libra (ruled by Venus). In the remaining signs of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Saturn is inimical. But Saturn is beneficial in the signs of Jupiter neutral to him (Sagittarius and Pisces) or in his Own houses. Saturn, to be a real benefic in the Venus bhukti should not be strong by being in his own signs, exalted or vargottam (Occupying the same Navamsa as its sign).

Saturn aspects houses 3, 7 and 10. His year of dawn of fortune is 36 and has special governance over houses 6, 8, 10 and 12. He takes about 30 months to cross a sign and his direction is West. He aspects, the constellation of Krittika, Mrigasiras, Svati and Mula.

In gochara (transits) he is benefic in houses 3, 6, 10 and 11, medium in 1, 2, 5, 7, 9 and malefic iu 4, 8 or 12.

If Saturn is benefic, his lucky colour is blue. His lucky number is 8, 17, 26 etc. His lucky day is Saturday (Friday is only next to it). His lucky gem is blue sapphire.

His stars are Pusya, Anuradha and Uttar-bhadrapada. His keywords are aged person, bony, bankrupt, binding, bereavement, calculative, chronic, concentration, continuation, delay, dissatisfaction, dealers in land, animals like goat, donkey, etc., kerosene, gingerly oils, petrol, pumping sets (with Venus).

Disease: Rheumatism, gout, indigestion, chronic dyspepsia, disease of the gall bladder, rickets, disease due to calcium deficiency, deafness, phthisis, consumption, disease of spleen enlargement, insanity.

Colour: Black, blue.

Metal: Iron, lead, dark blue sapphire (Nilam).

Vocation: Mining engineering or engineer, mine owner, coal industry, lead or iron industry, masonry, building and real property, farmer, tannery and leather industry, high officials, business of oil seeds and grains etc., speculative business etc.

Birth star: Revati.

Digit: 7, 39, 49, 56, 72, 82.

Strength: When the Sun and the Moon occupy Capricorns, Aquarius or Libra sign or the full Moon is associated with any of the stars, viz. Citra, Svati, Revati-Saturn is strong. Saturn signifies obstacles, impediments, and sorrow or miseries, it afflicts the house where it is posited and the native’s miseries and sorrows from that house are indicated. A native cannot be a true ascetic unless Saturn is strong and favourable. The planet is a grueling tester of strength and character. It is a blessing in disguise. Saturn melts away the dress in man through pain and suffering and by a process of fiery baptism, builds up the native, of course if Saturn is favourable. If unfavourable he brands the native with inevitable disaster and doom-even though all other planets might contrive to make him apparently prosperous and successful. He is wrath of God Narayana or rather sorrow of God, imparted to man, made as He is in his image.

The influence of Saturn is generally called `evil’ and, in this respect, he is much maligned, but in reality there is no evil, since all things work together for good ultimately. Saturn acts “as deterrent” and because he brings denial and necessary into some lives, has been considered an oppressor, a Satan “He that kills with a pride will suffer a fall”, for Saturn will bring him to his knees, humble his nature, and by means of restrictions, limitations and adversities, will cause the individual to ponder, study and to seek the source of woe, so that in future it may be overcome. Thus while Saturn is a destroyer (of false ideals), he is also a redeemer, in that he brings the mind to a state of introspection and stimulates efforts towards perfection and victory.

In the outer world, Saturn signifies ultimate contained atomic state of matter; also the state of matter called “earth” and those whose occupations are connected with it e.g. agriculturists, builders, brick makers, miners, potters, gardeners, plumbers, sextons, dyers, chimney sweepers, shepherds, dustbins, ascetics of every description (whether religious or not), monks, hermit, misers, those who fast or starve, workers employed by municipalities or the State and such places as mountains, hilly or open country, specially rocky and uncultivated caves and ruins; also it is said, corpses, graves, cremation grounds and church yards. Metal lead. Colour is green according to Westerners and black according to Indians.

In consciousness, Saturn signifies the concrete mind, tending to separation, isolation and the emphasis of personality; the sense of “self is strong; action is held in check by thought and will. The will is stronger here than with any other planet except Uranus and perhaps Mars at times; but where Mars is passionate and impulsive, Saturn is slow, cold and deliberate.

Saturn indicates self-control, patience, steadfastness, reserve, gravity, austerity, chastity, prudence, thoughtfulness and much practical ability.

In body, he governs bones, the knees, the teeth, the spleen, diseases produced by cold, rheumatism, falls, accidents melancholia; hair and hair growth, pneumonia, gastric nerve. The adverse aspect of Saturn, Mars and Moon causes small-pox, but chicken pox is due to Mars and Moon alone. Affliction of Saturn by Mars causes injury, bruises, operation, fracture, curvature of the spine, gallstone. Saturn and Jupiter in mutual affliction make for impotency, constipation, Sciatica, nausea and Cancer, affliction with Sun causes blood pressure, cerebral anaemia, cerebral haemorrhage, thrombosis, cardiac trouble, gout, etc. Affliction of Saturn with Venus causes venereal disease, leprosy, eczema, baldness, weakness due to malpractices.

Saturn children are extremely sensitive, but they hide their feelings and emotion under mask of reserve. If frequently censured they withdraw from association, and their progress and development are much delayed.

For the natives of Saturn, critical and important years are those in which Saturn transits in adverse aspect to his radical place, i.e. between the years 14-15, 21-22, 29-30, 36-37, 44-45, 51 to 52, 59-60 and so on. One should avoid new undertakings during these periods, rest as much as possible, seek the society of cheerful associates and environment will do much to overcome the adverse effects of Saturn’s influence which is heavy and binding and produces lasting effects. His nature is cold, dry, phlegmatic, melancholy, earthy and masculine. He governs teeth, bones, spleen, knees, and the sense of hearing.


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