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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 33


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Traits and characteristics of Saturn

Saturn is the “Karaka” or significator of life. In other words its strength counts very much in giving good longevity. When, therefore Saturn is strong as lord of the two houses of longevity viz the 1st and the 8th house, it particularly denotes long life to the native.

If Saturn and Rahu (who acts as Saturn) influence, by association and or by aspect, the factors that represent the face and the body as a whole, viz the Ascendant it’s lord, the Moon Ascendant.

Saturn is also the significator of “Disease” in general. When there is Capricorn or Aquarius in the 6th house of a nativity and that house is occupied by Rahu, then Saturn gets special power to cause disease. In such a case the house occupied by Saturn or aspected by it will indicate the limb of the native that is likely to be afflicted with disease.

Saturn being black in colour likes, as it were, dark surroundings in the broadest sense of the term “Dark”. In the educational field its role is thus of darkness i.e., it does not like the native to be benefited by the light of education. When, therefore, Saturn aspects the house of education viz the 2nd house and its lord, the 5th house and its lord, and Mercury, the native gets every little academic education.

Saturn represents the nerves in the body. When it is situated in the 11th house, it may cause death by such nervous trouble as paralysis, or arthritis, more so if Rahu too is afflicting one or both of these houses. The reason is that Saturn and Rahu will in such cases influence the Ascendant and the 8th house the two houses that denote the mode of death in the horoscope, through the type of influence on them-nervous in this case as both Rahu and Saturn represents nerves of the body.

The planet Saturn is lowest in status in the planetary cabinet. It, therefore, represent! Servants, menials labourers and other categories of persons low in the social rung. Being uneducated and uncultured the tone of the speech of Saturn is “Harsh”. Unless, therefore, Saturn is found to be under the influence of benefic planets, it will make the speech of the person in whose house the sign Capricorn falls “Harsh” in content. For example if the ascendant is Taurus, the sign Capricorn falls in the 9th house-the house of father who is likely to be harsh in speech. Similarly if a native is born in Cancer Ascendant his wife is likely to have a harsh tongue, for here the sign Capricorn will fall in the 7th house-the house of wife. The reason in each case is that the lord of the sign of the house of speech (2nd) in each case is Saturn the uneducated and the uncultured.

If Saturn is the lord of the Ascendant i.e. when Capricorn or Aquarius fall in the 1st house, and Saturn is afflicted anywhere in the birth chart by the malefic influence of Mars Rahu etc., the native generally has trouble in the knees or legs represented by the signs 10 and 11th sign. These signs in those cases get social representative value by virtue of the fact that they fall in the ascendant.

Saturn, Sun, Rahu and the lord of the 12th house in any horoscope are “Separative” in nature, that is to say, they separate one from the traits and characteristics of the house etc. that they may influence by association or aspect. If any two or more of these planets influence factor or factors that are in turn fully representative of a particular relation, trait or quality, one is separated from estranged with, or has to leave the relation etc. concerned.

As for example, when such an influence falls on the ascendant, and it’s lord there is loss of health and wealth, If it falls on the 7th house it’s lord and Venus, (or on Jupiter in the case of female nativities) one is separated or divorced from his wife, or the husband, as the case may be if it falls on the 2nd house and its lord, one has to leave his family and live away from them for some time, if it falls on the 10th house, its lord and on the Sun, one has to give up the ruling powers or the kingdom that he may be having control of.

Of all the nine planets Saturn is the slowest in motion. An idea of its slow motion can be easily formed from the fact that a distance that is covered by Moon in a little over two days is travelled by Saturn in about two years and a half. The symbolic interpretation of this fact is that Saturn is a “Delaying”, “Prolonging” “Long Lasting” factor., That is the reason why men and women in whose birth charts Saturn becomes the lord of the house of marriage (7th) marry rather late in life, provided of course, the factors of marriage i.e. the 7th house, it’s lord and the significator of wife or husband (Venus and Jupiter) are not under benefic influence.

Saturn by itself is a female planet and its influence by position, association or aspect is feminine in effect. For example, when Saturn is very strong in the horoscope, as lord of the 5th house and is not afflicted by malefic planets, it indicates for the native having more daughters.

Saturn is a sad, morose, cold and dispassionate planet. It’s influence by association or aspect on the factors that represent the mind in the birth chart namely the 4th house, it’s lord and Moon make the mind sad, melancholy and dispassionate, as in the case of Sanyasins. One may, however, not resort to sanyasa actually, merely on the basis of such an affliction, for to have sanyasa one has not only to have a dispassionate mind, but he has to leave his family and house and the means of enjoyment (12th house). Thus the yoga for full fledged Sanyas would require not only the affliction of the 4th house, it’s lord and Moon, but in addition there must be the affliction (by the Separative influence of Sun, Saturn etc.) of the second and the 12th houses and their lords.

Saturn is the significator of lands. When, therefore. Saturn is strong as lord of the 4th house, it gives the possession of lands to the native.

Saturn in the 7th house gets “Directional” strength. It is very strong in that house particularly in it’s exaltation or own sign or in the sign of it’s friends. In such a case, other things being not unfavourable, it denotes long life to the husband or the wife, as the case may be.

Saturn represents the “Pa” varga of the alphabet i.e., the letters “Pa”, “Pha”, “Ba”, “Bha” and “Ma”. Whenever, therefore, Saturn denoted a name it gives the starting or initial letter of the name from one of the letters cited above.


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