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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 31


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system (120,000 kilometres, or 74,600 miles in diameter); its orbit around the Sun, from which it is 1,426 million kilometers (886.7 million miles) distant, takes 29 ½ years. Its rings-three main ones, but hundreds, perhaps thousands, of others-were first studied in 1655, and are now known to be made of ice and rock, whirling around the planet. Saturn has 12 Moons, the largest being Titan.

The following are significations and significators ascribed to Saturn: (1) laziness, etc. (2) obstruction (3) horse (4) elephant (5) skin (6) gain (7) proof or witness (8) distress (9) sickness (10) misunderstanding (11) misery (12) death (13) happiness through a woman (14) maid servant (15) asses and mules (16) outcaste (17) one with disfigured limbs (18) haunting woods (19) handsome look (20) gift (21) a lord (22) a portion of life (23) eunuch (24) one born of the lowest caste (25) birds (26) the three sacred fires (27) a servile duty (28) unrighteous conduct (29) one without manliness (30) telling lies (31) long lasting (32) wind (33) old age (34) tendons and muscles (35) strong at the end of the day (36) Sisira Ritu or winter (37) great-anger (38) exertion (39) born of a very low mother (40) bastard (41) Golaka (42) dirty clothes and house (42) wicked mind (44) friendship with the wicked (45) black colour (46) evil (47) cruelty (48) ashes (49) black grains (50) gems (51) iron (52) nobility (53) a year (54) Sudra (55) Vaisya (56) one representing the father (57) learning the trade of another class (58) crippled (59) sharp (60) a blanket (61) facing West (62) life saving drugs (63) downward look (64) living by agriculture (65) arsenal (66) a student belonging to another caste (67) external position (68) fondness for the North-Eastern quarter (69) serpent world (70) downfall (71) lost battle (72) wandering (73) a spear (74) lead (75) misdirected strength (76) a Turk (77) worn out (78) oil (79) wood (80) Brahmin (81) the Tamas (82) travelling through forests and over mountains (83) hard-heartedness (84) fear (85) long term distress (86) hunter (87) ugly hair (88) entire sovereignty (89) alarm (90) goats and the like (91) buffalos and the like (92) indulging in sex pleasure (93) dressing oneself for amorous appeals (94) worshipping God Yama (95) dog (96) theft and (97) cruel-hearted.

More detailed discussion on significations:

Saturn: Discipline, self-control, moderation, sacrifice, purification, penance, cleansing, pulchritude, renunciation, patience, reserve, solitude, silence, quietness, hermetic, mystery, secret, annulment, anonymity, nothingness, emptiness, nakedness, ascetic, austerity, frugality, simplicity, humility, modesty, meekness, stillness, immobility, calmness, deathliness. Saturn is just that: vaccination against or assassination of all desires, longings, cravings, wishes-exactly the opposite of Moon. It is science, investigation, concentration, contemplation, meditation, introversion, introspection, transformation, transmutation. Knowledge, occult or not, is its main concern. And to acquire knowledge it shall go to great pains and sacrifice as much as possible its peace, security and material belongings. In order to acquire knowledge Saturn draws out a plan for it is practical. It has its feet on the ground, solidly planted, and having forsaken sentimentalism and passions; its system of work is meticulously planned and organized to the minute details. First, it works as hell. It works and works until it drops dead or until its duties have been fulfilled. It knows only of responsibilities, principles, obligations, rules, codes, and because it is a conservative-never a liberal, traditions are of the utmost importance. Saturn respects seniority, ascendancy, old age, longevity, immortality and the classics. Whatever survives and smells of the past, of the distant past, interests it. It distrusts the new and the young. It lives on hard realities and once it has shut itself in its ivory tower or shell it becomes an adept or master in realities. Its experience, its sound and tested methods of work, its love of routine, make it an asset when troubles, needs and hard times loom ahead. Saturn is then indispensable and its seriousness is more respected than before. Having learned to train its inner energies, having learned to be self-sufficient and even inhuman at times, Saturn turns into a model of maturity not surpassed by any other planetary symbol, except by the Sun which stands for completeness and eternity. The huts of Saturn are a legion. Saturn is no joker. Loneliness, skinniness, emaciation, suffering, pain, disese, sickness, weakness, paralysis, deformity, cripple Dom, pestilence, and all the evils of the world accompany its sinister and lugubrious ghostliness. The Great Reaper, the Horrible Ripper, the Avenger, the Deadly Sickle, these are some of its surnames. Saturn, unlike Venus, rejects birth and fertility. It cools and chills whatever it touches. It sterilizes and provokes frigidity, impotence, vasectomy, prophylaxis. It dries the fields and dries the heart. It is the arch-enemy of Mars for it refuses to ejaculate and promote fluidity and vegetation. It is reticence, repression, contraction, constipation, tension, cramp, rigidity. It is dogmatism, fanaticism, narrow mindedness, misanthropy, misogyny, celibacy. It is stony. It prefers to be alone and as a result doesn’t give a shit about others. In fact it is a shit, a bastard, a son of a bitch quite regularly. It is an egoist, an ungrateful, selfish, heartless bastard, a slave-master, a nazi, a fascist, and a sadomasochist who thrives on hurting people’s sentiments. Cruelty, tyranny, abuse, and slavery, are nothing to him. It has no feelings. Living in its cave which resembles a prison, a dungeon, a monastic cell, an ash ram or an asylum, it sinks either into utter solitude or, feeling guilt, turns to tears. Then it’s the end. Anguish, despair, sadness, depression, eat out its entrails. Fears and apprehension of all sizes and names envelop its deranged mind. Hell is at the gate, and even if it learns to dominate terror, complexes, prejudices, hates, even if it cynically welcomes the cold blade of jealousy, envy, rancor, hostility, bitterness, possessiveness, avarice, covetousness, but this cold blade literally rips apart its flesh, even if it is screaming and hollowing or belching in pain and asking for mercy, Saturn remains a sinner and a monster at heart. It knows no tenderness and therefore no pity and asks none for itself. It delights in perversion, all kinds of sexual perversions, and the more gruesome, distasteful and morbid, the better. It is vampirism and sluttish-ness, self-flagellation and bloody masturbation. It eats shit, plays with it, and puts its grubby bands inside garbage cans. Its lechery and lust are completely sickening for its thoughts are warped and its nails are black with vermin and worms. When Saturn falls on Venus it produces degradation and sodomy. Saturn undermines everything. It doesn’t shrink from poverty, misery, squalor. It is unclean, filthy, fetid, and even faecal. It is polluted and cannot be stood. Its walls are littered with pornographic posters and books, where the odour of cheap and hollow skin trade is exposed. Since Saturn is attracted by what is hidden and prohibited, it likes this putrescence and once it has recognized its inspired demons, it turns into a scholar, an expert erudite in sordid and black practices. Nothing is too decayed, corrupt, degenerate, degrading, flaccid, pallid, cadaverous, ugly, beastly, hellish, horrendous, and devilish and base for Saturn. On the contrary, it repels exorcism as much as possible and with sarcastic defiance. It vomits green and violet on the sorcerer or exorcist that tries to interfere with its blasphemies and insanity. The Great Devil punishes for the sake of purge for it is only an Angel with pointed horns and hoofs. So if scandal, disaster, calamity, doom and catastrophe fill the atmosphere with their stench remember that Saturn is its patron. If Saturn is about to transit over your natal ASC beware and take it easy. If Saturn be in the foreground in a solar return, dig a trench and resist evil unless you wish to experience pain. If Saturn is the lord of a Dasa or bhukti period, know that grief, inner transformation and loss shall visit your house. If slander hits the rising star of a singer, Saturn is behind it. If an apocalypse paralyzes a civilization, Saturn is its mentor. If a stone topples a man standing on a horse, Saturn along with Mercury is the master architects, behind the dirty trick. If a man be poisoned by his wife, toxins undermine a body and bacteria and virus shroud a city, know that Saturn is getting ready to ruin everybody and in a most underhanded manner. Be prepared then for the Beast and kill it before it changes you and Beauty into ashes. It rules over the bones, teeth, nails, hair, the astral world, reincarnation, karma, morals, capital, money, possessions, the invisible and the subconscious.


Shanker Adawal

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