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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 28


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Essential Planetary Principles:


“The Great Fortune”.

Jupiter represents truth, wisdom, the knowledge that enables a man to realize God. Jupiter is the planetary representative of Zeus of the Greeks, of the Roman god of the same name; of Brihaspati or Brahmanaspati of the Hindus (also called `Guru’ meaning the Preceptor, in Indian astrology), Ammon of Egypt.

Jupiter rules the signs Sagittarius and Pisces, and is exalted in Cancer. The symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer, so Jupiter native are quick to hit the mark. They love out-door games and exercises. Sagittarius has influence over travelling (being the 9th sign of the zodiac and is a common sign representing pendulum, oscillation and movement from one place to another and back. In Pisces the native will be quiet and unassuming, sociable, ease loving and disposed to long Journeys and life in a foreign place (watery sign). In religion, one will have sincere faith and will increase the emotional side of the native. There may be fondness for mysteries creating in one the desire to be a detective or a writer of fiction. Jupiter native will avoid surgery and prefer oral medicines only.

Jupiter rules over liver, tumours, circulation of blood in the arteries and fat in the body. The native may suffer from liver complaints, jaundice, dropsy, flatulence, dyspepsia, abscess, hernia, skin troubles cerebral congestion, catarrh and carbuncles. Also enlargement of the spleen, big belly.

Jupiter is the chief governor for-Preceptor, maternal uncle’s son, king’s favour, being a minister, judge or lawyer, stoutness, intelligence, estate, finance, happiness through children and serpents, magnanimity, performance of yajnas (sacrificial fires), charitable deeds, devotion to teacher and deity, blessings of preceptors and priests (Brahmans or clergymen). If afflicted, unhappiness through sons and serpents, curses of teachers and serpents.

Jupiter indicates a long and massive body, golden rays, phlegm, big thighs, Brahman by caste, colour of the eyes is like honey, clear and pure speech, Satvic (pure) guna, brave deeds, bipeds, male, non-vegetarian, lordship over the North-East, strength during day time, in the bright fortnight, thirty years, average height, coarse and thick clothes, big ears, houses in which beautiful and captivating wood work is displayed, gold, golden beads, sovereignty over mines, sugarcane; good, fine and costly flowers coconut and betel nut palms, fruit bearing trees (with thick kernel) sweet fruits.

In the outer world, Jupiter signifies profession or occupation, persons and places connected with religion and law, temples, churches, mosques, chapels, Gurudwaras, priests, ministers, judges, magistrates, courts of justice, universities, students, public functions, assemblies of a State or public character; charitable and philosophical movements and institutions, hospitals, health resorts, physicians, social gatherings, theatres, clothes, clothiers, grocers. His metal is tin. His colours are blue and purple according to Westerns and yellow according to Indians. His jewel is turquoise and amethyst.

In consciousness, it signifies a combination of feeling and thought benevolence, good nature, sociability, helpfulness, love of beauty, order, harmony, devotion.

He also governs things in the outer world that express these qualities; health as physical harmony, law as social harmony, religion as spiritual harmony and not as channels of intellect or means of making money.

In body, he governs feet, thighs, lever, blood, muscles, growth, and, to some extent, digestion.

Jupiter symbolizes belief, faith in providence, omnipresence, through which we receive all we need. People with a strongly posited Jupiter do not worry. They keep their faith and optimism under all circumstances, a thing which in itself is favourable for those among whom they live. He inspires thought of plenty and happiness, divine worship and charity (All mankind become brothers where thy gentle wings may rest, again Brothers above the starry canopy, there must dwell a loving Father).

As ether is omnipresent, it is also all-wise, the righteous, merciful one. It is, however, at the same time, the “God of thunder and lighting” and at the sight of deeds of injustice will be filled with indignation and wrath, which speedily raise suitable means to punish the criminal.

Sagittarius is his positive (Moolatrikona) sign while Pisces is his negative sign, where omniscience leads, to complete forgiveness. He is possessed of utmost strength in his own signs (swakshetra) (Sagittarius and Pisces) in Cancer (where he is exalted) and in Scorpio (ruled by his friend Mars). He is moderately strong in the initial portion in the initial portion of a sign, very strong in the middle portion, and weak at the end of a sign. He is also strong, when retrograde provided he is not in his depression sign of Capricorn (Makara). His lucky colour in Indian astrology is green, orange and light blue. His day is Thursday. His lucky numbers is 3. Numbers 6 & 8 are for finance, family and fortune. Avoid Numbers 2, 7 or 9.

Jupiter is the chief governor (karaka) for house 2 (finance), 5 (children), 9 (fate and fortune), 10 (profession, name, fame, honour, etc.) and 11 (gains, fulfillment of wishes, the net bank balance), and is well placed in the Ascendant. His inimical signs are those ruled by Mercury and Venus (Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra) as these alone are his enemies. His friends are Sun, Moon and Mars while Saturn and Rahu are neutral. He casts full glance over houses 5, 7 and 9 and over the constellations Magha (ruled by Ketu), Svati (ruled by Rahu) and Mula (ruled by Ketu).

Disease: Diarrhoea, dyspepsia, disease of cough and cold, disease of the palate and throat, asthma, phthisis, epilepsy, thrombosis.

Colour: Colour of gold, yellow.

Gem: Emerald, yellow sapphire.

Vocation: Priest, jurist, profession connected with Governmental administration, temple, or church, preceptor, professor in a school or college, philosopher, preacher of religious doctrines, scientist, engineer etc. In the business world, Jupiter native become interested in large popular enterprises and deal much in matters related to lawyers, judges, bankers, brokers and physicians. Science and medicine, insurance and commercial travelling often engages their attention, also affairs of philanthropy, charitable, religious or benevolent import as well as matters in the professional world.

Birth star: Purba and Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra.

Digit: 5, 12, 34, 52, 56, 60.

Strength: When Jupiter is associated with Pusya Nakshatra or when the Sun and the Moon occupy Sagittarius or Pisces sign or when full Moon is associated with 11 to 12 Nakshatra, Jupiter regains his strength. The native suffers from indigestion or similar chronic disease, when Jupiter occupies the 2nd or 5th place from Ascendant due to overeating of sweets and meat. Malefic Jupiter occupying an angles or trines place from Ascendant makes the native an egoist, tyrant and he (the native) wants to rule over his subordinates ruthlessly. When the planet is strong and favourable and is posited in angles or trines from Ascendant the native is bestowed with very many qualities such as high education, learning, honesty, morality, intelligence and piety.

Jupiter is termed “the greater fortune” and indeed he seems well named, for, unless Jupiter is ill placed in the horoscope, he bestows a considerable amount of what appears to be good luck upon the natives of that sign, who are usually fitted for position of dignity, trust or power in business and social circles. Having a logical, broad, mind considerable self-possession, self-confidence and determination, they usually inspire confidence and attain responsible positions.

If Jupiter is adversely placed in the horoscope it causes restlessness and uncertainty, giving liability to losses through misjudgement, unfortunate speculation, investment and trusts.

The dawn of fortune is in the 16th year.


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