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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 27


Dr. Shanker Adawal


The largest body in the solar system (13,000 kilometres, or 89,000 miles in diameter), Jupiter is 778 million kilometers (484 million miles) from the Sun and orbits it once every 11.86 years. It has a magnetic field 20,000 times stronger than that of Earth, and sends out radio waves. It has 15 Moons; of these, Ganyrnede, Callisto, Io and Europa are visible from Earth through even a small telescope (they were discovered by Galileo in 1610, with the earliest practical telescope).

The significations and significators which are assigned to Jupiter: (1) Brahmin (2) Guru (3) one’s duty (4) Chariot (5) cow (6) infantry (7) savings (8) Meemamsa (9) treasure (10) horse (11) curd, etc. (12) large body (13) Valour (14) reputation (15) logic (16) astrology (17) son (18) grandson (19) dropsy (20) wealth of elephants (21) philosophy (22) great grand-fathers (23) palatial house (24) gems (25) eldest brother (26) grand father (27) Lord Indra (28) cold season (29) wrath (30) jewel (31) merchant (32) physical health (33) a beautiful mansion (34) royal honour (35) thigh (36) Gods (37) penance (38) charity (39) religious duty (40) helping others (41) impartiality (42) facing North (43) circular (44) yellow colour (45) moving in villages (46) North (47) close friend (48) swinging (49) orator (50) fat (51) old garment (52) a new house (53) happiness (54) old (55) Mantras (56) twice born (57) holy water (58) knee (59) movement in heaven (60) a house granting all comforts (61) intellect (62) proficiency in learning (63) literature (64) tower (65) charming an audience (66) thorne (67) installation of God Brahma (68) strong at all times (69) month (70) Vessels (71) Lapis Lazuli (7 fruits of Agnisthoma rites (73) sweet juice (74) being Good (75) happiness (76) misery (77) length (78) gentleness (79) reading other’;s mind (80) gold (81) ornamentation (82) device (83) wind (84) phlegm (85) topaz (86) Vedic text (87) brilliancy (88) softness (89) a stone (90) worship of lord Shiva (91) performing one’s religious duties and (92) travelling in a well-decorated carriages.

More detailed discussion on significations:

Jupiter: Prosperity, abundance, excess, wealth, lavishness, opulence, luxury, comfort, leisure, ease, costliness, value, cost, expenditure. Jupiter is benefit, privilege and protection. It is a matter of taste, and if the right ingredients are there, of good taste of course. It is quantity for it lives upon expansion, extension, and dilatation, growth, and swelling, turgidity, budding and blooming. Jupiter is happy, immensely happy, when things are roiling and swinging. It is the Great Benefic. It must feel big, important and healthy, not as Sun or Mars, but out of a sense of status. Jupiter is a firm upholder of the hierarchical system. Ceremony, ritual, protocol, pomp, display, demonstration, parade, show, spectacle, are part of its intimate world. It needs to show off but in order to provide, feed, protect, guide and space around its innate belief in abundance and growth. That’s why it is known as a boon and a blessing, because where it goes unhappiness and misery recede. Jupiter is also very ambitious. It shoots its arrows not in order to apprehend love but in order to reach higher stands. It is a status seeker. It longs for respect, approval, applause, a higher rank and class, culture, greatness, largeness, bulkiness. Politics, diplomacy, government, the military life, religion, big business, etc. whatever smells of hierarchy and importance appeals to its escalating aspirations. If Saturn is the one that grants knowledge, Jupiter is the one that articulates and fattens this knowledge through rites, habits, customs, ordinances and all the necessary cooking recipes to make something more tasty, palatable and satisfactory. It is true that Jupiter is fun and good to have around. Its laughter is roaring and hearty. It has no inhibitions in expressing its emotions. Joviality, felicity, optimism, confidence, hope, are all present when it is around. When Jupiter is prominent in a solar or lunar return, or is the lord of a Dasa period, it generally brings good Luck, opportunity, flouirishing, success, even material profit. Jupiter angular in a Horoscope or navamsa charts is the mark of an individual usually fortunate, rich, well placed, or who at least has all the possibilities of becoming well established. When Jupiter transits your Ascendant happy times are in for you. So it is all the contrary of decrepitude, senility, limitation, restraint, flaccidity, and in this respect when in the 1st place as far as activators of what we would term `seed-growing.’ Jupiter indulges in monumentality; it imposes and rules, it stresses refinement and elegance. But it has likewise its big vices that are explicit. Where not properly buttered, Jupiter dominated native, is a hypocrite and a vulgar ass-licker. Inordinate ambition makes it shoddy, exhibitionistic, extravagant, exaggerating, imperialistic and colonialist. It contains all the disagreeable traits of the president or chief that cannot stop expanding itself or that doesn’t control it’s over gluttonous merchants, zealous salesmen, saleswomen, politicians, priests, soldiers and intellectuals. It eats and drinks too much, fucks in excess, becomes fat, obese, silly and too complacent It ruins its fortune, spending like a cataract and saving so little that the door to ruin falls on its head. Unable to really be part of elite, it pretends and thus becomes ridiculous by surrounding itself with frivolous friends and cheap looking objects. So hear attentively: money is not everything and a name, even a royal name, a diploma, a title, a medal, a legacy, a heritage and an expensive and long list of antiques and art masterpieces, a mansion with a garden, an army of servants and several cars, etc, are not what really make someone a Big Person, unless it be for a short time. It rules over the lungs, the liver, superior environments, big projects, big ventures and big things in general.


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