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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 29


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Traits and characteristics of Jupiter:

Of all the planets Jupiter is the most beneficial. Whichever house, sign or planet, those Jupiter aspects gets life and vitality, and is boosted in all aspects. Jupiter, is significator for “Wealth”, and Wealth has here to be taken in its broad sense as “Value”.

This planet, therefore, not only makes the things it aspects as valuable, but is himself enriched as a value, when for examine, Venus is situated 12th from it, in which case Jupiter indicates good riches.

If Venus is placed in the 12th house from Jupiter and Jupiter has good lordship too in the horoscope, the native is rich, for Venus boosts the prospects of the planet or the house from where it is in the 12th. In this case it will be in the 12th from Jupiter-the significator for wealth and as such would indicate good riches.

For people born in Gemini and Virgo ascendants, Jupiter becomes the lord of two angles of the horoscope. This has been considered as a defect in the case of the lord ship going to the natural benefic and more so for Jupiter a planet that is the most benefic. In such cases a weak and afflicted Jupiter placed in the 7th or the 2nd house (Maraka Houses) of a horoscope brings about serious physical trouble to the native.

If people with Aries as their ascendant have their Jupiter along with the 12th house afflicted by malefic planets, they are liable to have injury or disease in the region of the feet, for in such a case, all the factors denoting the feet namely the 12th house and its lord, the 12th sign and its lord, are afflicted.

If Jupiter is strong in the horoscope, of people having Aquarius as their ascendant, it may prove a veritable boon for them. Jupiter of such people increases the value and worth of the house and its lord that it may aspect, for the reason that Jupiter a natural significator of “Wealth” here becomes lord of two houses (2nd and 11th) each of which again stands for wealth.

Jupiter is of long Stature. Like Mercury Saturn and Rahu, it’s aspect on things makes them of long stature length etc. For example, if Mercury, Jupiter etc are aspecting the Ascendant and the Moon as also the lords of these signs, the native will be of “Long” bodily stature.

For ladies Jupiter is of special importance. In each female nativity, Jupiter stands for the husband. The author of Phal Deepika says Jupiter is wise and self controlled and represents the longevity of the husband in the female horoscope. Hence when in a female nativity, Jupiter himself becomes the lord of the 7th house and is strong, it indicates not only cordial relations of the lady with her husband and vice versa, but also good longevity for the husband. On the contrary if such a Jupiter in a female horoscope is under the “Separative” influence of the planets Sun, Saturn and Rahu, who also influence the 7th house, the lady is divorced by her husband soon after the marriage. A strong Jupiter of people with Pisces as their ascendant denotes the acquisition by them of ruling or executive powers since Jupiter a significator of governmental favours, becomes lord of two houses 1st and the 10th each of which represents the same type of power.

A strong Jupiter for people having Scorpio as their ascendant ensures good speaking powers and oratory, for Jupiter-one of the significators of speech himself becomes the lord of houses representing speech.

Jupiter situated in the 9th house in the case of people having Libra as their ascendant, confers devotion to and company of the Guru, for Jupiter-a spiritual planet becomes lord of the house of friends and associates (3rd house).

Jupiter even though situated in the 12th house, a bad house in the horoscope and in an inimical sign (Libra) as representative of “Son” i.e. as lord of the 5th house in a Scorpio nativity, does not deny male Issues, provided it is retrograde, for retrogression is a source of strength for all planets.

Jupiter if situated in the Ascendant is endowed with “Directional” strength.

Jupiter stands for letters in the “Ta” (T pronounced as in “Teertha”) varga. “Ta” “Tha” “Da” “Dha” and “Na”. When Jupiter indicates the initial letter of a name, it is one of the five letters of his varga.


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