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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 26


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mars in the signs – General

Mars in Aries produces a violent and fierce hero who performs deeds of great daring; a glorious and courageous man who cannot be assailed; a generous pennon impatient of insult; one who has many cattle, goats, and sheep, and much gold and grain, and a large throng of wives, sons, and servants; a king, or a noble person proud in battle, or the chief of an army, city, town, or tribe.

Mars in Taurus produces a man who forms enmities with his relatives and causes violence in his family; one who knows singing, but says many stupid things; a man who eats much, and has little wealth and few sons; one who sets his heart on sexual intercourse with other men’s wives; a man who destroys the vows of saintly ladies (sadhvi) and takes their money; one who is hateful in the world and whose dress and manners are conceited; a man who is untrustworthy and untruthful, and who lacks steadfastness and righteousness s(dharma).

Mars in Gemini produces a man who often dwells in foreign countries; one who knows the rules relating to various crafts, weapons, and arts; a very learned man who is clever in poetry; a handsome and well mannered person who can bear fatigue and pain; a steadfast man devoted to righteousness (dharma); one who favours the advantage of friends and of good men; a person clever in many activities.

Mars in Cancer produces a poor man whose body is racked by defects and diseases; one who gains and loses money again and again; a man who dwells in the house of another; one who desires the dice, clothes, and food of others in his youth, and is soft and intent on taking other men’s meals; but then, afterwards, earns his money by toil through activities connected with water.

Mars in Leo produces a handsome man of great strength; a very fierce, hero impatient of insult; a man who assails others and keeps no hoard; one who lives in the woods and forests or with herds of cattle; a man fond of flesh who slays carnivorous animals, deer, and snakes; one without children whose wife dies before he does; a man diligent in his actions, but bereft of the profits of his righteousness (dharma).

Mars in Virgo produces a rich man honoured among good men, gentle and of little valour; a person fond of prattling who knows about sexual intercourse and singing; one who has many expenses; a man terrified with anxiety about his acquisitions of money; one who sacrifices and keeps on side bowed to the (sacrificial) fire (as he circumambulates it); a teacher of smriti and sruti, a man of many skills; a handsome person fond of bathing and anointing himself.

Mars in Libra produces a wanderer, a favourite who talks incessantly; a boaster who tells many lies and is without merit; a man of deficient body whose first wife dies; a rogue desiring the service and protection of others; one who lusts after the wives of his friends and elders; a man who lives with prostitutes and winemakers; a person without allies who loses the wealth he has obtained by himself.

Mars in the eighth sign (Scorpio) produces an evil man who practices falsehood and has many injuries and quarrels; a rogue who is closely connected with those who murder and injure; a man lacking good manners, courage, the sacred traditions (sruti), and righteousness (dharma); the chief of a band of robbers, one who desires battle; an arrogant man, clever in business and of terrible strength; a person rich in many cattle, lands, and excellent women, but whose body is tormented by poison, fire, and wounds inflicted by arms.

Mars in Sagittarius produces a thin and much wounded man; a rogue indulging in harsh words whose wife and children have died and whose independence is lost; a man riding in a chariot or on horseback or fighting from a chariot or an archer in other men’s armies; one who is not attached to his gurus and whose efforts are in vain; a man whose allies are destroyed by mutual quarrels.

Mars in Capricorn produces a most excellent man; a wealthy and rich person who buys his wife with money; the chief of an army or a lord (Isvara) of men; a renowned person enjoying endless happiness and pleasure; a victor and a guardian who has a noble (or, Aryan) wife; a man whose relatives are his allies and whose lineage is pure; one whose character is excellent and who enjoys various services.

Man in Aquarius produces a deformed, poorly dressed, and ugly man; one who practices slander, envy, falsehood, and deceit; a man constantly assailed by faults whose money is stolen; one whose body-hair is erect and whose manner is sorrowful; a man fond of drinking and bereft of courtesy and purity; one who looks like an old man and is impoverished at the end (of his life); one who gets his money from gambling, and does not keep a hoard.

Mars in Pisces produces a diseased man who lives abroad and has few sons; a person hated by many; one who loses all his property because of usury and fraud, but whose grief is not sharp; a dishonest man who destroys the position and prosperity of good and noble (or, Aryan) men; one who is disrespectful to gods and Brahmans and knows what he wants; [a man fond of the sacred traditions (sruti) and the sciences and one who has many relatives]; a quarrelsome person who is rude to his relatives.


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