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Planets, Signs and Houses: Vedic Astrology Myths and Facts, Chapter I, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

What is Astrology

The purpose of living is to discover the purpose of living.

Our ancestors taught us that Astrology was one of the keys to the solution of this enigma. In the importance of Astrology, Jataka Parijata mentions that there is nothing in the world, like a Horoscope to help a man in the acquisition of wealth, to save him like a boat in a sea of troubles and to serve him as a guide in his life journey. In fact Astrology is use of astronomy brought to earth and applied to the affairs of human beings.

Astrology has been defined as the philosophy of discovering and analyzing past impulses and future actions of both individuals and nations, in the light of planetary configurations. It is a science of correlation of astronomical facts with terrestrial events. It is the knowledge that links man to nature and establishes that order reigns supreme in life and that chance and accident have no place. Astrology is a science of time and man cannot fulfil his obligations in society with out devising ways of recording the flow of time correctly.

When we call Astrology, a science, a section of society raise their eyebrows. Well let us take the definition of science in a standard dictionary – a knowledge of fact, laws and proximate causes gained and verified by exact observation and correct thinking-also sum of universal knowledge an exact systematic statement or classification of knowledge concerning some subject in which the result of investigation have been systematized. There can be no two opinions about the wisdom of this definition – and if it is so, predictive astrology would obviously rank very high as a science. Since it is not the result of only a year’s enquiry but has stood the test of thousand of years on the basis of amassed data researched and processed over the same long time.

Present scientists wonder how the ancient sages could secure all this accurate knowledge about the planets. Indian sages were through in their mathematical calculations, in which their proficiency was in their own times unsurpassable, secondly their intuition were definitely more trustworthy too. Intuition or divyadrishti is an individual experience which sages acquired due to their austere and moral values of life and the practice of yogas helped them to reach a certain plane of spiritual attainment to establish a direct communication with the different planetary bodies and perceive their mysteries, without the aid of mechanical contrivances, or otherwise, is as yet a mystery by itself and lastly it was their observations.

The sages must have noted the individual and collective events in the light of recurrence of certain planetary configurations, the psychological result have convinced the sages, that the birth in certain signs of the Zodiac would confer certain definite psychological behaviour and actions to different types of people to certain planetary combinations. Hundreds of years of such observations in physical traits. The planets, the signs and the zodiac became merely a symbol rendering possible the application of the laws of periodicity to individual and National lives. Astrology is a cryptic language, a language of symbols and numbers, invented by seers, but understood only by philosophers and investigators.

It can be stated that man’s interest in what lies up there in the sky arose when he discovered how to make fire and how to defend himself from animals, from the lashes of weather and from nature in general-especially when he learned how to get his food in an orderly fashion. Astrology took its first step only when man learned how to look for food and how to nourish himself regularly. Astrology was and is closely related to food and human survival- even today farmers and fisherman rule their lives according to the Moon and the fixed stars.


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