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Planets, Signs and Houses, Preface

Dr. Shanker Adawal

This is the first attempt to present “Encyclopedia on Vedic Astrology” with a view to enhancing knowledge based utility of the subject for both the students & the scholars.

Needless to mention all possible efforts have been made to consult the available literature as well as experience of the contributors has been put in so as to present the best update on the subject.

In this effort therefore, broadly speaking the effects of planets, signs & houses as result of their mutual relationship “Sambandh” resulting in the current state of affairs of life can be interpreted. In this book drop as I present this book which will be followed by other books as part of Encyclopedia which shall cover all possible aspects & tools of predictive astrology.

This book exhaustively explains about each Planet, the principles, the indicators, the impact in each sign, impact in each house and divisional charts. The endeavour is to provide an insight into the judgement of each house.

The idea of having this as the first book is that people forget that the house, planet and the sign have a major impact in any prediction done. I would desire that the readers should go through this book thoroughly as the planets, signs and their relationship to our way of living is extremely important. It is also important that all interpretation of house should be done with reference to the current Desh, Kaal and Patra.

In my endeavour to bring this series of books the guiding spirit has been my father, a bureaucrat and a great astrologer of his time, Late Shri K C Saxena and the blessings of Banke Bihari.

Shanker Adawal

New Delhi

Shanker Adawal

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