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Planets, Signs and Houses: Vedic Astrology Myths and Facts, Chapter I, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

All the old Indian astronomers cum astrologers worked on the basic conception that the planets do influence human life in various ways and in detail. Hence they collected their data accordingly and collated, classified and coordinated them accordingly. It was the result of their arduous training converging upon a single objective and spread over a countless number of years that they could attain the depth of astronomical and astrological learning. Predictive astrology of today as we know it now carries their ancient conclusions to this day, and we should make necessary amendments if we can, in the light of changed living conditions.

The fact nevertheless remains that even orthodox psychologists, some with a prejudice against such seemingly fantastic notions have found themselves forced to realize that an expert astrologer can be of very real value in assessing the type and capacity of a person whose horoscope he has made. He can for instance predict such things as whether two people are likely to find marriage easy or difficulty, creative or frustrating whether there is a critical phase of life pending and how the person concerned can best deal with it.

Can any one honestly name any other science or branch of knowledge which can give human being such valuable information to guide him in his future. Astrology alone can do it.

Theory of Karma

Whatever previous karma one may have to his credit at birth, astrology says they can, by further karma in this life, neutralize the previous karmic effects or counteract them or avert their evil influences by further acts of good karma. Karma is good or bad as it is consistent or violating with the grand principles of Nature. The mysteries of God, though unknowable, are still knowable to a certain extent. Constant communion with nature in all its aspects has a tendency to purify his mind, elevate his thoughts, expand his vision and make him see into the future for long distances. Herein lies the key to a true interpretation of man’s development of his faculties. Therefore, when a person has good karma to his credit either as the result of his previous karma or the karma he is doing now, he will surely be able to become an expert in astrology, (if he so desires), in making future predictions. The value of astrology as a science should not be confined to making simple future predictions; but to also see from what state a person has come and to what state he would go after death. Remedial portion is the best for which mankind should make attempts to gain such precious knowledge.

Karma starts as soon as one is born, breathing itself is one from of it and there are of course many others. It is “Karma that co-exists with an individual, at every stage of this multi-faceted life. The nature of it may be good, bad or indifferent but karma and the individual are almost synonymous. One does net exist without the other. A man rises and falls, enjoy or suffers according to the kind of `Karma’ he does. The nature of `Karma’ again is determined by the nature of his personality itself, which again is another name `Bhagya’. In this sense – destiny is character and character is destiny. To understand it better, it is only necessary to explain it this way. Given any particular conjunction of circumstances in life it should be evident that one person would not react to it exactly the same way as another. Various people would react variously. What makes this difference? Obviously the varying character or make-ups of different people. The situation that confronts them is substantially the same, it is only the different character of the – different people that brings about that different reaction.

The Tenth house in a horoscope has been affirmed as a symbol of Karma and naturally it is a most important house. Of course all the twelve houses are inter-related, they are like a complex web.


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