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Today's Astral Energy

The astral energy of June, 13 says - You will be confused with thoughts / talks / contradictions - the process of taking tough decisions that you have been contemplating - you may postpone.

Tip For Today - All advertisements and other mediums mostly tell us to FEED OUR ADDICTIONS of ego/lust / greed/mine etc - smoke for relaxation , drink for confidence , sweet chocolates for love and other things for energy and power - these put us in an external trapping - disconnecting us from ourselves and reducing our self esteem/confidence . A THOUGHT - how many things we SEE & HEAR talk that HAPPINESS / LOVE / PEACE are our internal strengths - hardly or nil - the SPIRITUALISTS tell those who have lost confidence to JOIN THEM/FOLLOW THEM / SURRENDER. WINNING the GAME IN THE WORLD is GOOD/IMPORTANT but by the understanding that HAPPINESS/LOVE is your creation - INSIDE YOU - if you could think of this for a minute everyday i will cal it MEDITATION - INTROSPECT .

Shanker Adawal

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