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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 11


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Moon in Scorpio produces a prosperous and bold hero; a famous man who is honored by the lord (Isvara) of good men; a cruel and fierce man who desires to kill others; an intelligent person, harsh, jealous, and impatient of insult; a firm and self-controlled man who is resolute in his actions; an expert in the meaning of the sciences, instruction, sacred traditions (sruti), crafts, service, working with minerals, spells, and medicine; one who is struck by disease in his youth and whose hoard is destroyed, or whose father, mother, and older brother predecease him; a man who is impure because of such things as stealing, envy, lying, roguery, trickery, cruelty, and anger; one who lives off of others and is confused in his actions; a greedy person who is fond of making love to other men’s wives; a despondent man who looks like a scorpion; one whose trunk is broad, fat, and full-grown; a handsome and glorious man who can endure misery; one who is devious in his actions and is tricky; a man generous in a moment whose limbs are wounded and weak; one who worships those who are receptacles of the best qualities.

If Mars aspects, a king; If Saturn aspects, a sick pauper; If the Sun aspects, a prosperous man; If Venus aspects, one who is rich; If Jupiter aspects, a man who is fond of his own dharma; and If Mercury aspects, a man with an evil nature whose children are also corrupted in Scorpio.

The Moon in Sagittarius: produces a man of lofty conduct who is honoured by the king; a pure, truthful, and courteous hero; a prosperous and rich person who is devoted to the elders and to the gods; a glorious person whose relatives, wealth, and virtue are renowned; an honest and grateful man whose actions are valiant; one whose fame is obtained by himself and who is endowed with the qualities of steadfastness, strength, intelligence, cleverness, and pomp; a man who is superior in the rules relating to such things as poetry, business, craftsmanship, of stones, learning, sacrifices, vows, and worship; a generous person fond of righteousness (dharma) and hard to assail; one who does as he pleases and is irresistible to others; a strong, sweet, and compassionate man; a proud man who likes to be protective and has a terrible temper; one who looks like a horse, is fat, and has a large head; a well dressed man; one who has no wives or sons and who laughs terribly; a man fond of drinking whose mind is engrossed in battles; one who knows how to use his strength and who speaks fearlessly; an impetuous person fond of women.

If Jupiter aspects, a king; If Venus, one with much property and power; If Mercury, a learned man of fierce actions; If the Sun, a courteous and famous person; If Mars, an evil person; and If Saturn, a wealthy man in Sagittarius.

The Moon in Capricorn: produces a man who delights in woods, forests, and lakes; a well dressed person who rejoices in singing and laughter; a famous person desiring sexual intercourse with other men’s wives; a noble man fond of good righteousness (dharma), crafts, sacred traditions (sruti), perfumes, garlands, baths, and enjoyments; a wanderer who obtains happiness from that; one who is curious who has many movable possessions; a person whose anger does not last long; a man desiring glory who is fond of his relatives’ money; one who suffers from the cold; a handsome man dear to noble people; one who longs for battle, and whose words are proclaimed with a smile; an honourable man who is noble with his beauty, strength, and power; a good-looking person who is patient and learned in sacred traditions (sruti), one who is tormented by such thing as diseases of the heart, the cold, fevers, wind, fainting spells, loss of virility, illness, sickness, and distress; a man afflicted moreover by diseases and illnesses caused by cold and wounds.

If Mars aspects, a king; If Saturn, one like that; If Jupiter, a rich man; If Mercury, an eloquent man; If Venus, an honourable and wealthy person; and If the Sun, a jealous, impoverished, and rough man in Capricorn.


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