Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 10


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Moon in Cancer produces a wise man of clear speech who knows about poetry; a generous and benevolent person; a wise man whose intellect embraces many sciences; one who can endure many troubles and pains and has fortitude; a man impatient of injury who gains honour in his speeches; a courteous man who is pleased by gods, Brahmans, and teachers; an intelligent and well dressed person who is lucky with women; a man with few clothes in his store-room or on his body; one who is frequently seized by gains and losses; one who is dear to his mother’s allies and has good relatives; a man honoured by subjects, friends, and servants; one who is subject to women and anger; a man whose feet are broad and fleshy; one who knows friendship, honour, love, and respect; a pennon fond of music and singing who likes to laugh; one who delights in the water and loves his children; a diligent and prosperous man who wants to take to water; a wanderer; a steadfast person with many wives; a glorious man who delights in living in many places; one who demonstrates resolution in many activities.

If the Sun aspects, a pauper; If Saturn, a sick man; If Mars, a harsh man who finishes off his family; If Jupiter, a king; If Venus, one whose qualities are famous; and If Mercury, a man who does his duty in Cancer.

The Moon in Leo produces a king endowed with the quality of courage; a man who is honoured by the king; one whose shoulder is elevated like a lion’s and whose body is thick-set and plump; a hungry man fond of flesh who is hard to attack; a person dear to his mother; a fierce man whose anger does not last long; a liberal man with few sons who laughs but little; one whose money comes from firm enterprises; a man whose character is fearful, but whose friendship is unfailing; one whose nature is deep and firm and who knows his way around; a righteous (dharmasaha) and renowned person who is slow to forgive; a clever man delighting in rivers, mountains, and forests; one who is harsh in his speech and censures many people; an heroic man of conviction and strength who shows little love or civility among his men; a clever and grateful person whose wealth is famous; a hero whose possessions and household are great; a man who assails others and does not experience sorrow; one who uproots pride and is inclined toward affection; a man endowed with a resplendent nature, whose treasury grows ever greater; a charming person who is not bothered by diseases, hunger, or fatigue.

If the Sun aspects, a king; If Jupiter, a counselor (mantrin); If Mars, a cruel man; If Venus, one of enormous wealth; If Mercury, a learned and prosperous person; and If Saturn, a foolish wretch in Leo.

The Moon in Virgo produces an eloquent, sweet, and courteous man; a person with the body of a handsome youth and longing for women; an intelligent man who delights in all people; one who knows singing, music, gracefulness, laughter, politeness, generosity, love, and hunour; a man who is a stranger to swords and weapons and is afraid of battles and travelling; a person to be honoured; one who practices many deceits, but whose anger is not of a long duration; an indolent and negligent person.

If Mercury aspects, a king; If Venus, a wealthy man; If Jupiter, the head of a city (purottama); If the Sun, one who wanders in foreign lands; If Saturn, a blind man; and If Mars, a cruel person who has many diseases connected with bile in Virgo.

The Moon in Libra produces an eloquent and noble wanderer, a glorious and clever traveler; one who is pure, courteous, lucky, and handsome; a man who gives gifts to the gods and to his people; one who worships and makes donations to saints (sadhu) and Brahmanas; a man who knows about buying and selling merchandise such as jewels; a man whose character is firm, but who chases after women; one who knows unguents, (ointments) clothing, and ornaments; a man with brightly-coloured garments; a person whose anger is quick and terrible; one who is noble among his friends, but is made to suffer by his own people; a prosperous man who has very few pleasures or enjoyments; one who is clever in finding means to increase his wealth; an anxious person who is determined in his duty; a fat man the corners of whose eyes are long and who is afflicted with misfortune; one who has a prominent end of the nose and an asymmetrical disposition of his limbs; one whose wealth is obtained by his own effort; a man possessing women who delights in righteousness (dharma) and is an expert in the sacred traditions (sruti); a clever and grateful person who has found a protector; one who is beloved by women and dear to good men.

If Jupiter aspects, a leader of merchants; If Saturn and Venus when they are strong, a wealthy king; If the Sun, a vile person; If Mercury, an orator; and If Mars, a man without money, relatives, or wives in Libra.


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