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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 12


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Moon in Aquarius: produces a weak, penniless, dependent, and angry man who has few joys; one who loses the money he obtains and serves another man’s wife; a poorly clothed person who slander the origins of others; a man attached to low women, gambling, envy of others, slander, tricks, and attending corpses; one who undertakes many enterprises, and knows no patron; a man who hates his relatives and cheats his elders; an intelligent person who has turned away from the fruits of righteousness (dharma); a man of deceitful character who is secretive; one who serves the world, but is beyond affection; a man whose friends are undesired and destroyed; a despondent person who gives presents to those who are kind to him; a grateful and trembling man who is unable to carry burdens; one whose efforts are insignificant and whose speech is soft and slow; a man whose nose and ears are pointed upwards, and who is censured by the king; one afflicted by diseases of the heart, winds, sicknesses, and diseases of the genitals; a man made sorrowful by hunger and fatigue; one whose wealth is destroyed by his enemies and rivals; a man who is always struck by such miseries as insensibility.

If the Sun aspects, one who dies of disease and wandering; If Venus, a man with an ignoble (or, non-Aryan) wife; If Mars, one who steals the wealth of others; If Saturn, a rich king; If Jupiter or Mercury, a great man in Aquarius.

The Moon in Pisces: produces a man endowed with conviction, strength, truthfulness, intelligence, steadfastness, renown, and power; a courteous and sweet-speaking person devoted to modesty, generosity, and civility; a bold man abounding in knowledge and science; one who recognizes wise gurus and delights in good behaviour; a man with a good wife who takes pleasure in gods, Brahmans, and teachers; a person possessing property, loveliness, beauty, and handsomeness; one whose food and drink are dainty and who is fond of perfumes and garlands; an expert in the rules relating to gymnastics, music, and the arts; an owner of gold, lands, woolens, cattle, houses, and women; a well dressed man who is respected by the king; one who is learned in the Puranas, medicines, vows, and sacrifices; a man whose actions are directed towards such places as rivers and oceans; one who knows the rules of action in subtle decisions regarding law-suits, policy, and calculation; a man fond of purity who moves swiftly and sleeps little; a very clever fellow whose teeth are small and few; a compassionate man with many enemies, friends, and wives; a diligent and virile man who is impatient of insult.

If Jupiter aspects, a king; If Venus, the pundit of a lord (Isvara); If Mercury, one who knows the rules of laughing and the arts; If Mars, an evil man; if Saturn, a fierce person; and If the Sun, one who quarrels with many in Pisces.

Note: Thus these natures and characters of men have been described from the power of the Moon in the various signs. That sign which is strongly aspected by its own lord gives the same result as has been described.

If the planets are in their own houses, in their friend’s houses, in upacaya places, or in their exaltations, and are aspected by very strong planets, then the signs which are not combined with the malefic planets are not injurious in nativities.

The sign in the ascendant is called the base of the nativity; its nature has various qualities and they are to be determined by means of influences of the same strengths, whatever powers there are from a prior consideration (?). If the lord of the ascendant is at its highest strength, the native always receives his qualities from the ascendant; because of this, among the places, the ascendant is always called “the soul”; therefore, pay attention to its natures.


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