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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 9


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Moon in the signs – General

Let us describe the configurations of the Moon in the signs, which govern the natural forms and innate states of men; the Moon together with each one (of the signs) produces these configurations when it is strong and in the house of a strong planet.

The Moon in Aries: produces a powerful hero of noble courage; a famous man with many wives, sons, servants, and relatives; a voracious person, but one who is liberal and mighty; a man who is quick and powerful and wrathful and who has a terrible arm; one whose favour is fleeting and character unsteady; a hold man who wanders on the road and loves women; one whose younger brother has died, but who fears his older brother and relatives; a well dressed man who gains and then loses, but who has obtained wealth; a rich and glorious person whose words are loud and clear; a fierce man dear to the king who is hard to attack; a man clever in businesses, whose friends and relatives are unreliable; a pale fellow of great strength and terrible appearance; one who looks like a ram and has a round head, mouth, an eyes; a man whose body is distorted, whose cheeks are thin, and whose feet are small; one having disheveled hair and uneven eyes and teeth; a fearless man rejoicing in battle who is missing no finger (?); one who is not at ease among women and has ugly nails and fingers; a man whose body is tormented by diseases of the teeth and eyes, by pains connected with blood and urine, by poison, fire, and wind, and by wounds.

If Mars aspects, a king; If the Sun, one whose staff is fearful; If Jupiter, a man having many servants and much property; If Mercury, a wise man; If Venus, a prosperous one; and If Saturn, a pauper in Aries.

The Moon in Taurus: produces a proud and lucky man who has a good wife and whose speech is humorous, but scanty; a glorious person who eats a lot and dresses well; a man whose people, property, and household are great; one whose business enterprises, wealth, and character are firm; a well known man whose friends and allies are steadfast; a generous person who knows about what is serious and divine; an obedient person who is friendly to saints (sadhu); a pure and grateful man who delights in forgiveness and truth; an intelligent person who has little to do with coquetry or perfume; a hero who endures many cares; an expert in sexual intercourse who desires to copulate with base women; a man dear to the king who longs for a wife and sons; a greedy person who desires to accumulate and protect money; one whose body is fat, erect, and round in every part; a deep-voiced man who is the first in his family; a man whose ear-hollows, eyes, and mouth look like a bull’s; a black man whose hair is thick and curly; one whose acts, whims, pleasures, and manners are base; a man producing fear (in others) and arguing with the best (of men).

If the Sun aspects, a man rich in righteousness (dharma); If Jupiter, a prosperous person; If Mercury, one who has many pleasures; If Venus, a king; If Mars, a chief of bandits; and If Saturn, a lord of cities.

The Moon in the third sign (Gemini) produces a clever man whose discourse is sweet and who is learned in the meaning of poetry; an eloquent and famous hero; an intelligent and noble person with many and good friends; one who delights in knowledge, science, sacred tradition (sruti), poetry, crafts, music, singing, and the arts; a man endowed with the qualities of courtesy, friendship, gracefulness, laughter, beauty, and cleverness; a favourite of women whose nature is subject to love; a handsome man whose body is symmetrical, broad, and beautiful; one whose eyes are handsome and wide and whose lips and teeth are radiant; one who diverts himself and is fond of sexual intercourse with (another) man; a bold man abounding in good conduct and righteousness (dharma); one who counsels peace, but is wise in battle; a man whose dharma is intent on gods, Brahmans, and teachers; one whose nature seems to mix with others (?); a man who enjoys dainty drinks and foods and is fond of perfume and garlands; one who knows the rules of service, but whose politeness is feigned; a man who stays out of contention as far as he is able (?); a sickly person whose qualities are famous.

If the Sun aspects, a pauper; If Saturn, (the same); If Mars, a thief; If Mercury, a prince (parthiva); If Venus, one who knows the arts, instrumental music, and singing; and If Jupiter, an honourable man who delights in knowledge in Gemini.


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