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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 19


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Essential Planetary Principles:


Venus is the bright evening star often seen after Sunset though at certain times during the year, when she rises above the Sun, she is the morning star. She rules the signs Taurus (in which Moon is exalted) and Libra (in which Saturn is exalted). She is fruitful and productive and is called a feminine planet as she governs the gentler and more refined attributes. Men and women governed by her are noticeably kind or sociable.

Venus as a general significator holds absolute sway over the vast domain of knowledge. This is the only planet that can give you acumen and intelligence of how to utilize Shastras codes in the practical field of life. For, it knows the intricate of all Shastras. Moreover influence of Venus over the adornment of body and luxuries of life is well-known to all astrological pundits.

Venus is the chief governor for jewels, vehicles or conveyances, wife, sexual intercourse, precious stones, cows, apparels and clothes, palanquins and umbrellas, sacred fan, garland or pendant of pearls, gold rings, etc., garlands of flowers, sandalwood paste, dancing, singing, etc., troubles from bad women, sexual desires and licentiousness.

In the outer world, she signifies all beautiful objects and anything that is praised for its beauty, ornaments, things of beauty and pleasure, jewels, toys, fine clothes, articles of adornment, pictures, flowers, dancing, acting, in so far as these express beauty or pleasure apart from skill or intelligence, all persons who follow occupations dealing with them, all places where these things belong and where such occupations are carried on, sweet hearts, wives, the house and household as embodying affection, copper, sapphire, indigo colour.

In consciousness, she signifies the emotions and affections, specially love and those arising out of love; the aesthetic sense, the appreciation of beauty, elegance, good taste, comfort and pleasure.

In body, she governs throat, kidneys and, to some extent, the generative system (the other actor ill this system being Mars). She has an indirect influence upon features, complexion hair, etc. only in so far as they express beauty.

It signifies prostate gland, ovary of a woman, testicle, generating organ, Rajoguna, sour taste, south-eastern or eastern direction.

Disease: Venereal disease, disease of the uterus or ovary of a woman, diabetes, or disease of kidney, stricture due to gonorrhea or syphilis, or enlargement of prostate gland, asthma or any other disease due to cough and cold, phthisis.

Colour: White.

Vocation: Engineer, poet, artist, musician, publicity business; or business of advertisement, actor, physician, business concerning conveyance, jewellery or medicinal products, astrologer.

Birth star: Magha. Digit: 6, 37, 52.

Strength: Venus is strong when the Sun and the Moon occupy Taurus or Libra sign, or when the full Moon is associated with either of the Nakshatras (Stars), viz. Asvini, Aslesa, Magha, Jyestha, Mula or Revati. Afflicted Venus by association with malefic or by occupation in an unfavourable house causes loose morals. Again when Venus conjoins with or aspected by Saturn there is every possibility of late marriage or marriage disregarding the native’s social customs or environments. Friendly aspect between Venus and Moon may make the native popular ambitious, and prominent in public life but the native may be sensuous.

Venus is looked upon as the occult sister, the “other ego” of the earth, and as such instills into us also the longing for a twin soul and other self, inspires feelings of love, affection and companionship.

So Libra too, the positive sign of Venus, is two in one, the two scales without which the balance has no reason for existence, a unity in distinction to the permanent quality of the signs Gemini and Pisces.

What we love is good to our eyes, but beautiful also. This accounts for Venus giving, together with the feeling of love; the sense of beauty, harmony and rhythm and a taste for works of art in which various contrasts are balanced. If Venus is strongly placed, she bestows great sensitiveness with regard to both people and things. She gives the intuition, to place a thing exactly where it should be, to give to people that which they are most in need of.

In Taurus, her negative sign, the opposite comes to the fore, here receptivity for inspiration is present and the instinct to continue to adore what once was admired or accepted. Libra, positive, is he who adapts and readapts to ever changing circumstances. Taurus the negative and the fixed sign, indicates faithfulness to the chosen person or thing notwithstanding all changes; if afflicted, this sign indicates stubbornness.

Venus preserves, nourishes, rebuilds and who come under her influence are capable of living purely and appreciating beauty and goodness to the full. He is the planet of erection, ever tending to act though the soul, and not through the senses. The love shown by Venus always sanctifies and makes for harmony through conjugality, friendship and soul action. The vibrations of Venus directly affect the higher part of the nature through the human soul and the higher mind. In the physical world, Venus presides over the sense of touch, which sense is not related to one special part of the body but to the whole. All the distinctly human and refining qualities come under her influence; the tendencies of her vibrations being to centralize and draw in from the objective world and experience necessary to awaken the inner and more objective centres of consciousness. He is on the side of will and the Immortal Trinity and all vibrations that are assimilated are made permanent soul possessions.

To sum up, Venus signifies-

White colour, pleasing tone, a combination of phlegm and windy nature, much strength when retrograde, Brahman by caste (the Preceptor of the domens), commanding carriage or gait of Kshatriya (warrior), Rajoguna, lordship over South-East, tall stature, elevated eyelid and a biped.

He indicates a female living in water, sixteen years, looking askance, strength during night time in the bright fortnight (shukla paksha), very fine and delicate clothes, fame, authority for fifteen years, living in a house provided with most artistic beauty and embellishment, possession of pearls and silver, eight yojanas, transcendant beauty, excellent qualities of character, charity, jasmine and other flowers, trees found in watery places, having many seeds, mango tree, trees yielding savoury fruits, the resin of those trees, good pulses containing nutritious ingredients or vitamins, red gram, and beans. Venus is kalatra karaka or chief governor for marriage as she has special governance over the 7th house.

The dawn of fortune is in the 25th year.

The Sun and Moon are her enemies;

Mercury, Saturn and Rahu her friends, and Mars and Jupiter are neutral.

Lucky No. is 6, 15, 24, etc. Lucky day is Friday.

Her lucky metals are copper, silver, brass and stones are beryl, coral, jade, Diamond, alabaster.


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