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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 20


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Traits and characteristics of Venus.

Venus is a planet given to luxury and enjoyment. When Venus is lord of a house representing sexual enjoyment and is placed in another house also representing the same trait, it makes the native “Over-Sexed”. Examples are Venus of Taurus in the 7th house or of Libra in the 12th house. In these cases the planet is considered as lord of the 12th in the 7th house and as lord of the 7th house in the 12th house.

Venus is the significator of wife, in Male nativities. If it is occupying an inimical sign in the 7th house and is under the affliction of malefic planets, who also afflict the lord of the 7th house, then the wife of the native is short lived.

Venus represents the face. When it is lord of the 2nd house and is also under benefic influence along with the lord of the second house, it indicates a beautiful and handsome face.

Venus is intimately connected with articles of luxury and refinement. If Venus influences, by association or aspect, the Ascendant, it’s lord, the Moon Ascendant and it’s lord, it makes the native a person of refined tastes, earning his livelihood by the sale etc of such articles of luxury as fancy goods, cosmetics, fine cloth etc.

Venus is fond of truth. If as lord of Ascendant it is influenced by Mercury-lord of the 9th house, as in the case of the Libra ascendant, it makes the native a lover of truth.

Venus lord of Taurus Ascendant, if afflicted indicates trouble in the second part of the “Kala Purusha” i.e., in the neck of the native, if it is afflicted as lord of Libra ascendant trouble in the 7th limb of the “Kala Purusha” i.e., in the private parts of the native.

If both Jupiter and Venus of a Libra nativity influence a particular house and it’s lord, the native is very kindly disposed towards the person represented by that house. If, for example, both of them influence the 4th house and it’s lord-Saturn in a Libra nativity, the person is devotedly engaged in doing good to the masses in general. If the same two planets influence the 8th house and it’s lord in the same Libra nativity the native saves the lives of many people through his merciful actions.

If Venus happens to be in the 12th house along with or under the influence of Saturn and Rahu, the man overuses his eyes and also wastes much of his Vital fluid through various causes. The reason is obvious. In such cases there is “Separative” influence on the eye and the semen factors.

Venus in the case of people with Sagittarius ascendant should always be considered as a planet of “Injury”, as Venus in such cases becomes the lord of two houses each of which represents “Injury” the 6th house being a house of injury and the 11th house too being of the same trait as it is sixth to sixth.

If the planet Sun is afflicted by association or asapect, by both Saturn and Venus, the Sun should be considered to be weak resulting in the shortening of the life of the faith of the native.

In the case of people with Libra ascendant, Venus becomes the lord of the 1st and 8th house, both of which denote the “mode of death” through the influence falling upon them. In case therefore, there is a similar type of influence on these houses and their lords, that influence denotes the mode of death. For example, if in the ease of a Libra nativity the Ascendant and the 8th house are under the influence of Mars or Ketu, and these malefic planets also afflict Venus, then the death of the native takes place through some injury or accident, and its lord, the Sun Ascendant and it’s lord, the second house and it’s lord, the aspect etc. denotes that the colour of the body of the native is black or dark.

The location of Venus in 12th from all the three Ascendants is a boon indeed, for in such a case all the Ascendants are strengthened and the strengthening of the Ascendants means the acquisition of high status and powers.

Venus gets “Directional” strength by being located in the 4th house.

In the alphabet Venus gets the “Cha” varga i.e., represents the letters “Cha”, “Chha”, “Ja”, “Jha” and “Nja”. When Venus denotes the name of a person or a thing, it begins the name with one of its five letters noted above.


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