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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 18


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Another “inferior” planet, Venus is 108.2 million kilometers (67.2 million miles) from the Sun, and takes 225 days to travel round it. Its maximum distance from the Sun as seen from Earth is 48o, so, unlike Mercury, it is usually visible at night.

The significations and significators which are the Venus presides over (1) white umbrella (2) a good chowrie (3) garment (4) marriage (5) income (6) a biped (man) (7) woman (8) Brahmin (9) Subha (10) Whiteness (11) wife (12) sexual happiness (13) short (14) sour (15) flower (16) command (17) fame (18) Youthful vigour (19) Vehicle (20) silver (21) South-East quarter (22) saltish (23) ogling (24) scratching (25) half a month (26) the quality of passion (27) strong (28) pearl (29) Yajur Veda (30) Vaisya (31) beauty (32) buying and selling (33) love-making (34) watery resort (35) elephant (36) horse (37) variegated colour (38) poetry (39) dancing (40) middle age (41) singing (42) enjoyment (43) happiness from the wife (44) gems (45) fond of humour (46) swimmer (47) servant (48) luck (49) variegated luster (50) a handsome Youth (51) Kingdom (52) scents (53) garland (54) Veena (55) flute (56) amusement (57) lovely gait (58) eight kinds of wealth (all sorts of pleasures) (59) well formed limbs (60) sparing in meals (61) spring season (62) ornaments (63) inclined towards maintaining several women (64) eye (65) truth speaking (66) proficiency in art (67) semen (68) water sports (69) profundity of character (70) Pre-eminence (71) sharp-witted (72) musical instrument (73) decoration for the stage (74) fond of amorous sports (75) broken health (76) love, as chief business (77) greatly respected and highly esteemed (78) fondness for white garments (79) Bharat Natyama (80) Government seal (81) a lord (82) worshipping Goddess Parvati and Lakshmi (83) sexual pleasures (84) gentleness (85) much emaciated (86) day sitting mothers (87) literary composition, deft at writing poetry (88) black hair (89) auspicious (90) mysterious or genital organs (91) urine (92) moving in the region of good serpents (93) afternoon (94) knowledge of the generative organs and the secrets connected with it.

More detailed discussion on significations:

Venus: Love, devotion, adoration, veneration, admiration, fidelity, loyalty, affection, tenderness, kindness, popularity, empathy, sympathy, goodwill. Venus binds people together because its heart is big as this cosmos. It is friendly and benevolent and believes in brotherliness and sisterly manner. Altruism, sociability and a healthy rapport with all the kingdoms of nature make it cherished by all. Venus is the epitome of delicacy, softness, tact, diplomacy. It knows how to carry well its curves. It likes fashion, style, perfumes, creams, lotions, cosmetics, pretty and artistic dresses, necklaces, rings, beads, pants, skirts, bras, panties, bikinis, swimming suits, socks, ties, hats, shoes, shirts and swinging beards that will make her or him appealing and irresistible. Venus adorns itself but also decorates houses and apartments. It relies on its inborn artistic traits, its sense of harmony and balance. Silverware, pretty dishware and crystal cups fill the gorgeous table where its guests will eat and drink. But above all Venus is beautiful, comely, handsome, good looking; lovely, and its femininity and grace are enrapturing. It is charm sweetness, milk dew. It knows how to allure, magnetize, seduce, fascinate, bewitch and please. Its coquetry and sex-appeal tempt and even turn into madness many a one. It knows how to attract so well that the hardest and driest human suddenly becomes soft, vulnerable and juicy as hell. It turns into honey, Venus is sensuousness, erotize, hedonism, sybaritic, virginity too, puberty, the nude body that seeks caresses and wants to pant and groan in delight and pleasure. Venus completes what Moon dreamt about. It is masturbation and later the full sight of the beloved or stranger. It is masturbation and later the full sight of the beloved or stranger. It is intimacy, togetherness, cosiness, a kiss, a hug, a hand, a foot, a nipple, a waist, a hot penis, a wet vagina, a close embrace, a dark and smelly bed. It is cohabitation, marriage, union, yoke, association, partnership; but also integration, oneness, unification, synthesis, amalgam, allegation, conjunction, convergence, cooperation, entente, affinity, the united nations of the planets, man and woman or positive and negative, Venus is at last conception-as much as Pluto, for it is through the flush of love that conception takes place. Venus is beat, rhythm, cadencies, music: the womb is the first symphony hall one visits. Venus is fertility, pregnancy, maternity, procreation, generation, parturition, birth, and arrival, the Great Primordial Goddess or the Primeval Great Mother. It is rebirth, resurrection, renewal, and thus it is celebration and welcome, an inauguration, a baptism, a commencement, a feast, a party, a reunion, a gathering. Venus marks us with its birthday. And like a flower it sends its fragrance until death and that is why people have their own peculiar odour. But when Venus gets sick or dies it really stinks. Or perhaps it is in its nature to undergo prostitution, incest, effeminacy, homosexuality, lesbianism, syphilis, gonorrhea, Cancer in the prostrate glands, Cancer in the tits, ovaries and uterus, in order to truly remember it forever! Perhaps Venus is so significant that from birth to death humans either sing to it or are pierced by its arrows. It rules over the skin, the flesh, the erogenous zones of the body, the female sex organs and the reproductive organs, the emotional centre located in the throat, sentiments, romance, pleasures and social relations.


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