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Charms Talismans and Spells: Remedies through herbs, Chapter XXI, Part - 1

Chapter No. 21

Dr. Shanker Adawal

In India usage of herbs can be traced out since Vedic period. Indian classics have referred to herbs in Rig-Veda, Purana, Ather-veda, Puranas, Charak Samhita Susruta Samhita and other books. Herbs play a significant especially in modern times when the damaging effects of food processing and over medication have assumed alarming proportions. There are many plants in mountains which are very beneficial to the mankind and are used in or as medicines. The same plant is very useful as charms in astrological parleys. We are providing below a few plants with their uses.

Herbs as medicines

1. Amarkanti: - This plant is available in Indian between Ranikhet and Bhuwali (Uttrakhand-India) and also in mountains of Russia. This plant is about four feet in height and girth is about two feet, root 6 to 8 inches deep, its leaves are pointed and thorny. In winter, the plants have good growth, whereas in summer the leaves wither away. The colour of the plant is green.

In case one takes the juice of root of this plant, he will be cured from bronchitis, palpitation of heart and breath, bodily weakens etc. If one takes this medicine or juice for six months continuously, the weakness in sexual power is removed and one leads a happy life and looks much younger in age. This is especially useful for old age. In Russia this is very widely used. Its roots when put in water starts discharging and water colour become yellow. This water if taken cures many diseases, also used for Achman and sadhna purposes.

Another use of the leaves of this plant is to extract the juice of its leaves which be passed through the process of calcinations (i.e. reducing metals to ashes in a hole in the earth). This extract if used as medicine for one weak removes old age, sexual power is increased and man looks very young.

2. Mayurkand: - This plant is found in Kulu-Manali area (Himachal Pardesh-India); the people of that area worship this plant. Its root, trunk and leaves all can be used. It cures Rheumatic pains, cancer, brain fever and other diseases. It is being used widely in china. White hairs are turned black through its use.

This plant is three to four feet in height and looks like holy basil. If its root is powered and taken regularly for two months, the skin having black colour removes automatically and a fresh red skin appears, which removes all old age wrinkles and makes the user quite young. The juice of leaves if mixed in wine to the tune of two or three drops, the sexual power which has weakened by the passage of time will be recouped and the man looks very young. The ladies can use the juice of its root, it keeps her beauty, the face shines and black spots under the eyes as are commonly seen or spots on the face vanish and the lady becomes young and attractive.

3. Rudra Vanti: - The root of this plant is very useful. The old root of this plant has specific use, the older it is the more effective would be. It is said that the old root of this plant cost five thousands rupees a gram.

The juice of the root is especially useful for Diphtheria, Cough, Cancer, diseases of semen, weakness of organs, gastric and other diseases connected with belly etc. are cured through the use of juice of roots.

The juice of its roots also cures the deficiency of semen etc and for diabetic persons. The paste of its leaves if applied on head for 3 days, the baldness is cured and hairs grow black in colour. The growth of ordinary hairs is increased, especially for ladies. The falling hairs are stopped. The juice of leaves can be taken instead. The root and leaves can be used for any pain or defect in joints and bones.

4. Aam Tari: - This plant is found around Dehra Dun and Mosurrie area and in Lai Tiba area of Mosurrie. It is barely four to five feet in height, has small leaves, which shine in Dark night. Its leaves are dipped in water for three days and then grounded to make a paste. If this paste is applied on face, hands, body etc, all wrinkles will go and one will look young. The powder of its roots if used for one month will make white hairs to black. It is also useful for ladies who do not conceive, have irregular menses and face aberration which are cured through its leaves.


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