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Charms Talismans and Spells: Lucky Charms, Chapter XX, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

26. Knots: - Knots tie things together. Sacred knots are used in marriage. It is worn to indicate unbreakable bonds between those who wear them.

27. Om: - This is a lucky sign for prosperity, comforts and all round success. This may be worn around the neck or a on a ring. The sign can be of Gold, silver of copper.

28. One eyed coconut: - After peeling off coconut one, two or three eyes are found on coconuts head. If one finds one eyed coconut then one should keep it. It forebodes ill health.

29. Owl: - The own is a symbol of deep knowledge and wisdom. The wearer is blessed with both these qualities.

30. Penny: - The ordinary penny is not a source of good luck. The penny which has lucky powers is one bearing the date of a leap year. If this is carried on a person it is supposed to bring good fortune.

31. Planetary Signs: - When a planet is malefic and is not giving favourable results, use a replica or sign of another planet, as advised to neutralize the evil effects. The wearer will be blessed with fortune.

32. Pyramids: - They help in bringing in positive energy. Do not keep iron or aluminum pyramid at worship place.

33. Ring: - A ring signifies eternity as it has the perfect circle with no end. If worn it indicates a vow made and which is to be kept for eternity. The wedding ring as also the gift of a ring to a loved one carries the same idea.

34. Scorpion charm: - This is used for the treatment of scorpion bites and neuralgic pains. It is made in the form of a five pointed star with the figure of a scorpion in the centre, the whole enclosed in a double circle in which is written mantra for checking the effect of poison.

35. Serpent: - This is the most auspicious replica which is used for knowledge, wisdom and healing disease. It enables one to excel in either the arts of learning of those of healing. It should be worn as small image of a serpent around the neck.

36. Siyar Singi: - The one who has this comes to know about the accident which is going to take place before hand. He gets whatever he wants.

37. South faced Shankh: - It brings happiness in ones life.

38. Swastika: - It is the most auspicious and tested replica, attributed to Lord Ganesha son of Lord Shiva. The Sanskrit meaning of the word is purveyor of good fortune. It bestows luck and prosperity on the wearer. It can be used around the neck, or on the ring in gold, silver or copper.

39. Sword: - It is a sacred symbol among Sikhs. An auspicious sign for prosperity bravery and courage. It keeps the enemies at bay, and ensures the wearer has victory over enemies.

40. Tau: - It consists of two straight lines one vertical and the other horizontal; people wear this symbol to ward off disease of skin.

41. Trishul: - This sign is attributed to Lord Shiva, a perfect sign of good luck. Not only does it save the wearer from opposition and enemies but is also used for spiritual advancement.

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