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Charms Talismans and Spells: Remedies through herbs, Chapter XXI, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. Kali Tumbi: - In jungles of Rajasthan, mountains of Manipur and near Gangotri, a tree like palm is found is known as Tuma. Its fruits are like coconut, which fall after they become ripe. Out of these fruits one black fruit is rarely found. Actually this is very useful for Tantrik Sadhanas. The seed of kali Tumbi is rubbed in ten years old jiggery and becomes a paste. At the time of Sidhi many tantriks offer their tongue and body parts by cutting to Kali and after that restore them in position-through this paste.

6. Black Tumeric: - It is known as Kali Haldi and is used in Tantric Sadhana. It is found in areas of Narbada River in Madhya Pradesh, also in Makwanpur Distt. Of Nepal, and plains of Vastor. It is used also in medicines for Bronchitis as paste etc. The paste is used as Tilak by Tantrik on forehead of Kali.

7. Black Rice: - During rainy season its growth is natural in Assam hills in a small quantity. When it is chewed, the colour of mouth becomes red. It is too called Bloody Rice. The red water made through its powder is used in Tantrik Sadhanas and particularly for Durga Sidhi and this rice is offered.

8. Dhanwantri: - This plant is available in Jammu Kashmir area, and is being called as Dhanuri by the local people. The plant is about three feet in height and girth is about two feet. This plant shines like a fire in the night. The plant twinkles during the night. Its leaves are pointed, some thorns are found with its root. Trunk leaves and its roots are very valuable and are used for cure of many diseases.

One does not feel hunger and thurst for 24 hours if one takes its one leaf. One leaf taken with honey by a woman does not cause her to be pregnant; the powder of leaf can also be used. Fresh leaves powder taken with milk cures eye diseases.

Its root if mixed in vegetable and cooked removes the bleakish tinge colour of the body. The powder of its root processed through calcinations if applied as a paste removes the black colour of the body and a new red good colour of body appears and one looks beautiful. One becomes lean if powder of its root is taken, the weight is reduced.

Dry its leaves in shade and make powder, this powder mixed with honey if taken for a week, the sexual incompatibility is removed. If taken for a month, one feels fully competent in sex acts. For ladies, the plant acts as a magic. The powder if taken for one month by them makes them beautiful, the body becomes lean and of attractive proportionate body.

If its root is cooked with pulse for fifteen days and taken daily then it clears the skin of blemishes and body becomes attractive. The powder of its root mixed with hair oil, if rubber in hair, the white hairs becomes black and long. The juice of it if applied on the face for three days, all spots of small pox or of any other thing vani-shes and face becomes clear.

Herbs as Charms

To ward off the malefic effects of the planets our seers have recommended a lot of remedies. To propitiate them it is recommended to donate the articles associated with the planet, recite the mantras, wear the gems etc. It is not possible for every person to wear the precious stones for remedy of planets; hence, our seers assigned roots of some herbs which could be used to propitiate the planets. No doubt these herbs give their same effect as desired from the gems. These herbs are not only used to propitiate the planets but are also useful in the diseases associated with the planets.

Now we should tell the processes for using theses roots. The very first thing one has to do is inviting the herb. The native has to go the plant and request him to come to his home to fulfill his desire. After this he should water the root of the plant and lit dhoop there. These herbs are uprooted during the Ravi-Pushya nakshtra. Besides, days have been assigned to each herb for uprooting. For Rahu Wednesday or Saturday, for Ketu Thursday etc. Before uprooting, the native should request to the powers that are residing on the tree to leave the tree for some time and make their base at some other place. The next day he should dig out the root either with hand or with some wood. At the end he should ask for pardon from the tree for giving it pains and again invite it to your home. Following are some of the herbs associated with the planets:-


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