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Charms Talismans and Spells: Omens As Remedies, Chapter XVII, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

h) If any part of your cloths is trapped, it denotes loss.

i) If at the commencement or during a journey one meets a serpent indicates facing with enemy. If it is found on left side, it is bad whereas on the right it is termed a good presage. But if you find a Ass on left side, it is good.

j) If at the time of journey, one sneezes denotes obstacles in the work.

k) If some one see a monkey or a bear then it is considered auspicious but to talk about them is not good, whereas talk about rabbit, snake etc. is good while starting for a journey.

l) If wind is blowing from front to back or from left to right is not bad. On the other hand blowing of wind from back to front or from right to left is a bad omen.

m) If you meet anybody with flowers or somebody follows you with a pitcher, indicates success.

n) If your feet stumble, hindrance in work is indicated.

o) It at the time of start of journey one is hit by a weapon, feet stumbles, or hit by an obstruction or stone etc., denotes failure and the journey be postponed.

6. Omens for weather

a) For fine and dry weather of long continuance if the wind be north, north-west, then veer to the north-east, remain there two or three days without rain and then veer to the south without rain; and if thence it change quickly though perhaps with a little rain to the north-east, and remain there- such find weather will last occasionally for two months.

b) If there are no falling stars to be seen on a bright full moon night.

7. Omens to be observed in day-to-day life

a) A woman with a child in lap is auspicious and a Brahmin is auspicious at the time of start of work.

b) If a man sees Neelkanth on his way is an auspicious omen.

c) If a native asks a question from an astrologer and some one sneezes then the work will not be accomplished.

d) If a pigeon sits on a cot or enters in the house is termed inauspicious. The results appear within one year for white pigeon, within six months for multicoloured pigeon and for kum-kum coloured pigeon, the result is expected at the earliest or in the near future.

e) If a vulture sits on the top of the house indicates death of somebody or ruin of the family.

f) If an own sits on a house or on the head of a man denotes destruction.

g) If cock crows or sounds like kuku during the night is not good whereas his crowing in the morning is good for house village and the king.

h) If you meet elephant, horse, peacock, bull, swan, a pot full of water, ornaments, open umbrella, sitar, music instruments, curd, kanwal flower and a virgin with washed clothes indicates success in your life.

8. Twitching of body as omen

Twitching means sudden movement of the body parts. It is also an omen or nature’s warning, the effects of which are detailed below. Such things are part of Samudrik Shastra and Lal Kitab has discussed it in deteail. It is said that left parts of woman and right part of man are auspicious.

Twitching of body part



Back of head

It indicates journeys


Back of right hand

It indicates company of loved ones


Both cheek

It indicates happiness.


Centre of eyebrow

It indicates company of loved ones


Centre of eyes

It indicates separation from wife



It indicates Separation from loved one



It indicates loss of money.



It indicates success in hopes.


Left Arm

It indicates company of women


Left breast

It indicates Birth of child


Left eye lid

It indicates worries


Left eye

It indicates separation from wives, worries.


Left shoulder

It indicates Victory over enemies


Left side of eyebrow

It indicates birth of child and worries


Left side of the forehead

It indicates success in hopes


Left underside of the arm

It indicates promotion in rank


Right Arm

It indicates happiness, gain in profession


Right breast

It indicates worries


Right cheek

It indicates Loss of money


Right ear

It indicates gain in profession


Right eye

It indicates success in hopes


Right eye lid

It indicates happy new.


Right side eyebrow

It indicates gain of money


Right side of the fore head

It indicates journeys


Right under side of arm

It indicates happiness



It indicates quarrels

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