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Charms Talismans and Spells: Omens As Remedies, Chapter XVII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Omens of crow

a) Again if in the last part of the day if you see a crow coming from South east direction, you will surely gain money till morning.

b) At the time of the near future out of commencement of a journey if a crow appears from East direction it indicates gain in the journey.

c) Crowing of crow from behind when starting for journey is not good.

d) If a crow appear during night denotes death.

e) If a crow crows in your house, you should be ready to receive a guest.

f) If a crow is sighted in the early or first part of the day flying from north-east direction, then you will receive some important and very auspicious message.

g) If a crow sits on the dead of anybody, the man becomes lazy and is a sign of bad luck. If crow sits on the head of a girl or lady denotes the death of her lover, paramour or husband etc.

h) If a man while leaving the house sees that crow is sitting over a pig denotes some legal trouble leading to imprisonment. If crow sits on an ass or camel it is auspicious.

i) If crow brings meat, bone, ash etc., and puts it on the cot indicates the death or a calamity for the person who sleeps on the cot.

j) If crows make a noise on the house roof top is termed as inauspicious. And in case crows are inside the house it gives the warning of a serious trouble to the owner of the house.

k) If in the last part of the day you see a crow coming from South East direction indicates early disaster like quarrel, murder etc.

l) If numbers of crow assemble at one corner of city or village and make and make a loud noise denotes that some calamity will befall on the city etc. The head of that place may face difficulty or even death.

m) If the crows sit in a circle forebodes loss through enemy.

n) In case a crow crows from left side of the person starting for journey and flies along with is always auspicious. But if appears from opposite direction indicates some hindrances.

O) In case two crows feed each other, the person proceeding on journeys will remain comfortable.

Remedy: - To avoid evil effects of crow, the person concerned should donate shesham oil and his cloths.

4. Omens of Parrot

a) At the time of leaving house or starting a journey, if parrot speaks while facing east indicates completion of the work for which you are going.

b) If at the last part of the day parrot speaks facing South East, your enemies will be destroyed.

c) If a parrot while facing south direction and dancing with his eyes if dances indicate that your lover or beloved awaits you and you are surely to meet.

d) If a parrot facing North East in cage becomes restless denotes possibility of theft in the house.

5. Omens to be observed at the time of journey

a) Appearance of horse or any white coloured articles from North direction including a sadhu are always auspicious while proceeding on a journey.

b) At the time of journey if somebody says that lunch etc., is ready do take it for success. Meeting or widow or pregnant lady is not good.

c) At the time of journey if you see a snake it is not good omen.

d) If a cat crosses from the front of a man while leaving for any work indicates hindrance or fruitless results in the work.

e) If a man, animal or bird cuts your way from right hand, it is a bad omen.

f) If a marriage part on its way confronts a dead body it is a bad omen for the bride or if it confronts on its way back, it is bad for the bridegroom.

g) If a person while leaving a house confronts another one carrying empty vessel indicates non-fulfilment of object for which the person is going.


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